Some People’s Kids

So I’ve started noticing more and more often, some people seriously needed to learn the difference between being moral and being a complete and utter jerk. Especially when someone is remarking about another individuals particularly personal part of their life. Sometimes it gets to the point that the remarks others make towards certain types of things such as forgiveness, well they just make you want to boil them alive. I certainly dislike when someone sits there and basically says you can’t grant people forgiveness, we all have it within ourselves to forgive. It is whether or not we do so that is the real game changer. To say that one can’t forgive is like saying you can’t eat, drink, or breathe. Are you really that looney?


As I ventured into the world of blogging, never before did I think people could literally be this obnoxious. I mean, it’s like some kind of cruel joke. Can one truly be so dependant on their religion that they can’t exist without it? Must they truly belittle and bash other people who don’t act and live and breathe according to their religion? The whole thing is flabbergasting. The very concept that one would be so outlandish to a fellow believer, I mean, I personally would think it were cause to rejoice! Instead, it has literally led to an onslaught of brutish behavior, at times acting like one of the famed “keyboard warriors” that are a plague to the online world. Didn’t their parents raise them right? Sheesh.


Speaking of learning, another thing I’ve learned since joining the blogging world is that some people of religious faith seem to think that anyone who doesn’t do everything exactly the same way they do makes them not a true follower. You’re wrong. You see, I’ve read the bible, I’ve read many bibles. One of the things it has in common is the idea that you’re supposed to be kind to one another, regardless of ones faithful affiliation. I’m not even religious and I do my best to be kind to others, even those I disagree with. What gave these people the right to act so horrendously? I’ve yet to find the answer to that question, but as soon as I do, I promise I’ll let you know.


The major issue I’ve been having though lately is the lack of courtesy and common sense. What happened to being civil? If you can’t honestly create a thoughtful and well meaning dialog with another blogger, or person in general for that matter, then become a hermit. Stop going outside and making other people put up with you. You’re unpleasant and you’re unwholesome. You literally give yourself a bad name, and I sincerely hope you don’t wonder why. My outrage at these kinds of people, who can’t have a simple pleasant civil discussion, it knows no bounds. My heart hurts for their inability to create true lasting relationships, because I know if I were half the rude person some people are around here, I wouldn’t even have a friend to talk to left.

8 thoughts on “Some People’s Kids

  1. Oh honey, I so agree with you and think there are many others who will too. The bloggers that proselytize the ones that make mean comments about others..the “I don’t mean to complain BUT” people. They are everywhere. There seems to be a wave of incivility washing over the country now…I don’t know really what started it or why but it seems to be bringing up all kinds of bottom feeders in its wake. I never get awful comments from bloggers in other countries. They all seem so much more charitable and supportive. I’ve had my share of snark, I admit. I try to level it with humor and have to admit that at times I haven’t succeeded…but I try never to be downright mean to other bloggers. It’s become so difficult though to discuss certain subjects that I absolutely love to discuss (ie. politics, religion, education) that I now finding myself hesitating to say a word for fear some rabid religious person will attack me, or even worse, state they will pray for my soul. My soul is MY business and I will thank them to stay away from it thank you very much. I had to stop talking about the election as well due to rabid right AND left leaning voters. Pretty soon, if American’s fail to relearn how to have a polite discussion without name-calling and threats our blogs will be relegated to speaking only of childcare and cats.

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