Love Lorn PT7

On the way home from the museum, Will and Jane listened to some more Industrial style music. They’d never listened to it before, but both found themselves quite fond of it and it’s rather unusual style compared to their usual musical interests. They had enjoyed a wonderful day at the museum, and even more so, they had gotten the chance to share a closeness that Jane had feared was drifting away. When they arrived home, there was a package on the doorstep.

As they got out of the car, Will quickly went to the porch and picked up the package. It was just a standard brown box, but it was a rather large box. Jane looked at her husband questioningly, brow raised as she saw the excited look on his face.

What’s all this then?” She inquired.

He turned around and grinned sheepishly, “Oh, it’s nothing. I have to go for a bit, I’ll be back in time for dinner. Chinese sound good?

Her expression and body language went from that of having had a good day and being curious what the box was to irritable and foul, “Sure, fine, whatever.” She muttered as she unlocked the door and walked into the house, closing it before he could enter.

Setting her bag down in a huff in the entrance hall, she went to the kitchen to find the menu for the local Chinese place. After finally locating it, exactly where it was supposed to be, on the fridge held up by a magnet, she called in an order. Within an hour the food arrived, and still there was no husband. Her frustration with the situation kept mounting. She sat down and ate her dinner, and afterwards decided she was tired of waiting. It was now past 9pm, and she was tired from being on her feet all day. She got a quick shower, then retired to bed for the night.

When Jane awoke the next morning, to find Will was not in bed. Still. She got up, grumpy and irritable still from the night before. As she got out of bed to start her day, she heard something in the kitchen. She finished brushing her teeth and went into the kitchen. In the kitchen she found her friends gathered, making breakfast and drinking wine. Jane started to laugh as she shook her head.

Just where did you come from?” she said, grinning.

Well, Will let us in on his way out the door.” Bev grinned, handing her a plate of scrambled eggs, and a glass of wine. “Breakfast of champions!

Charleen laughed, “Bev, you’re terrible.

Ha, you’re no better, you brought the wine!” Lisa cheered.

Oh, you know you’re loving it.” Bev jeered.

Amber simply sat there on one of the breakfast stools drinking her glass of wine, oblivious to everything going on around her. Bev came up from behind and lightly pushed on her, laughing, “Hey, join the fun lady.

Ophm!” Amber nearly choked on her wine, sputtering. “Hey, party foul!

Bev laughed, “Quit being so quiet!

I’m trying to enjoy my breakfast. Hmph.” Amber looked at Bev then started laughing, as she noticed she had sprayed her with the wine she’d been drinking. “Well look at that. Justice.

Oh, you want justice, eh?” Bev asked, daringly with a glint of evil in her eyes.

Come on you two, we’re here for breakfast, not world war III.” Charleen said, her face looking stern.

Oh you spoil sport.” Amber mumbled, “Fine.

Jane shook her head, laughing as she looked at the lot of them, “If I knew any better, I’d say you all were crazy.” she grinned.

Well, sweety, we are.” Charleen smiled. “That is neither here nor there. Why don’t you sit and eat though, I’m sure you’re quite hungry. Will told us you didn’t have much for dinner last night.

She frowned slightly, “Speaking off, any idea where he went? He disappeared late last night and didn’t come home until some time after I’d fallen asleep.” the girls could hear the deafening dismay in her voice clearly.

Charleen walked over to Jane and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, “He said he had something he had to go do. I thought you two had a good day yesterday?” her voice was concerned as she spoke.

Jane sighed, playing with the eggs with the fork as she sipped the glass of wine, “It was a good day, until we got home.” frowning slightly, “When we got home, there was a box on the porch. Instead of staying and opening the box, he decided to take it for a drive.” Jane huffed, “Who takes a blasted box for a drive?

Charleen laughed, “He took a box for a drive?

Bev sat at the table with Jane and stared at her, trying to look positively serious, “Jane, is he cheating on you with a box?” she burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Amber started chuckling, “Oh no, the other woman is a box!” she fell over off the breakfast stool.

Jane looked at them, her fury and rage mounting, “It isn’t funny. Why in the world would he decide to take a box for a drive, after he said he took a few days off work to spend time with me on my weekend?

Soon, all the girls were around Jane, hugging her.

It’s okay, hon. Maybe it was supposed to be a surprise gift? Or maybe it was something his parents ordered and had sent to their house?” Charleen offered, trying to cool the situation.

Jane sighed, “Maybe… I think they did order something from the store that was too heavy for them to carry.” she looked down at her plate of eggs which were now so destroyed that she couldn’t get a bite of them on her fork.

Lisa gently nudged Jane, “See? It could have a perfectly simple explanation sweety. No reason to fret your pretty head.” Lisa smiled, trying to be comforting.

Jane nodded, “I guess. It could be nothing, but… Why wouldn’t he say anything?” she sighed, exasperatedly.

Bev just sat there, hugging Jane, as did Amber, both being a tad too tipsy to be of any consolation at this point.

Charleen gave Jane a gentle squeeze, “He might have just been excited to get it to his parents. He doesn’t often have reason to go see them, you know.


I hate to leave it off at a cliff hanger (Or do I?) but this is where I’m ending today’s portion to the story. Start from the beginning here!! Let me know in the comments what you think of todays excerpt. 


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