Love Lorn PT8

Jane nodded sullenly, resting her head on Charleen. “That is true. Between his job and trying to spend time with me, he rarely sees his parents outside of major holidays.” She sipped at her wine.

Lisa poured everyone a fresh glass of wine and sat with them around the table. Once Jane had calmed, around the third or fourth glass of wine, they all moved from the kitchen to the living room. They gabbed about everything and anything, ranging from the museum from yesterday to the last time Jane had a proper mani-pedi. They yammered on and drank wine well into the afternoon before Jane realized her husband wasn’t home still and she hadn’t eaten a thing yet.

I’m starved, who else?” Jane managed to get out, though she was drunk her speech was still clear, just took extra effort to speak.

Ayy aahhh, fuuu shuurrrr.” Bev drawled, “Wahh fuuu fuuuud?” 

All five ladies burst into incoherent laughter when suddenly the door opened. Jane let out a shriek of surprise and the ladies all fell to the floor, wine spilling on the floor as they scrambled to hide behind the couch.

Hon, I’m home.” Will called from the door as he dropped his keys into the bowl. He walked in, closing the door. Looking around, he saw wine glasses everywhere but no sight of anyone. He knew he’d heard voices, so he yelled, “Where are you at, hon?

Ohhnnn haa ffuuu!” called out Amber, who had now turned into a heap of drunken laughter.

Will came into the living room and walked around the side of the couch where his eyes were met with the most amusing sight. There on the floor between the couch and the coffee table were all five women, crumpled into a heap on top of one another. “Well looky here. What has been going on in my absence?” he chuckled.

Charleen, who happened to be on the bottom of the pile, was busily trying to move an elbow from her face, “We ahhrr hauuing ah gurs daah. Wii wiiee.

Will burst into laughter, “Let me help you ladies up. A pot of coffee may well be in order.” he started helping the women up off the floor one by one and assisting them with sitting back on the couch. After he had gotten them all sitting, he went and made a pot of coffee after cleaning out the machine. Moments later, he returned with a couple cups of coffee then retreated to get the rest to make sure they all had a cup. “Here, drink this slowly, it should help bring you back to reality.

He sat himself in the lounger, shaking his head as he laughed, “You girls sure do know how to have a good time. How many bottles this time?

Lisa, between sips of coffee, held up three fingers.

Jane had managed to regain her faculties much quicker than the others and looked her husband dead in the face, “I. Am. Starving.” Almost as if on cue, grumbling stomachs could be heard echoing through the room.

Will turned into a mass of shaking flesh as he laughed so hard it echoed, “I would say so. From the sound of it, you all are!” He took a moment to regain himself somewhat, “Well, what would you like to eat?” 

Food.” All five girls responded, almost in unison.

I guess I’ll see what I can rummage up. It is about time for dinner.

Pizza!” Squealed Amber suddenly, and the other women started nodding their heads in agreement.

Okay, pizza it is. Anchovies, pepperoni, and olives with extra cheese?” He questioned before heading for the house phone.

Oh please, yes!” groaned Bev, a sudden second wave of grumbling stomachs sounding through the room at different intervals.

Will laughed as he shook his head, then headed to the kitchen and called the local pizzeria. The next hour was filled with groaning and grumbling stomachs. Jane had just started whining about dying of starvation when the pizza delivery arrived. Amber was ahead of them all as she jumped the back of the couch and made a mad dash for the door. Her eyes were met with the sight of a thin scrawny looking fellow, clear skinned with a mess of freckles everywhere and thick rimmed glasses framing his eyes.

That’ll be $47.95 please, ma’am.” he requested as he started pulling a stack of 4 pizzas from his keep-warm pizza bag.

Oh, he’ll get it.” Amber spit out as she grabbed the pizzas and bolted back to the living room, inhaling the delightful scent of pizza. She dropped the pizzas on the coffee table after the girls had pushed aside the coffee cups and wine glasses. “Hey Will, the delivery dudes here!” she shouted out before opening the top box and grabbing a slice, stuffing it into her mouth.

Will came out of the bathroom where he had been hiding and went to the door, paid the delivery guy. He gave hims thanks then bid him good night as he closed the door. Walking back into the living room, his eyes were met with a most unlady-like sight he had ever seen. There were all five ladies hunched over the coffee table, gorging out on the pizzas. All four boxes had been opened and each box had multiple pieces missing. His eyes widened in surprise as he saw his own wife was the front runner of the group, her appetite having apparently gotten the better of her as she was double-fisting slices of pizza.

Well… That’s a sight I won’t be forgetting any time soon.” He chucked and grabbed the camera off the entertainment center and snapped a picture, the flash catching their attention.

William Donovan Harrol, you better delete that this instant!” Jane shouted, forcing food down her throat so she could speak clearly. “You are going to delete that immediately!

Will shook his head, “Nope, I’m keeping this for posterity sake.” he grinned and disappeared from the room, taking the camera with him.

If you know what is good for you, Will, you will delete that picture!” she screamed, meanwhile the girls were too busy laughing as her face was turning as red as the pizza sauce around her mouth.


Things sure seem to be getting interesting for Jane. I hope you’re enjoying reading my little story. Feedback welcome. Let me know if you find the tale interesting!


The Beginning



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