Absolute Perfection

Hello readers, just crazy little old me with a real world update on life. The title may seem a bit confusing, considering that to be or “feel” absolute, there is no wiggle room for error, whereas there is no solid definable form of perfection. Even the most perfect of jewels has its flaws. None the less, today was Absolute Perfection incarnate.


For some while I posted regularly, anywhere from one to three posts a day, and sometimes even more than that! Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances and my girls hitting the terrible two’s (I do so hate writing about misery), my brain has practically been on the fritz. Today though? Today was different. When I’m done telling you about my day, I think you’ll agree, oxymoron or not, my day was Absolute Perfection.


My morning didn’t start until around 8a.m., to which my ears were met with the sound of happy and playful children. Already the pace has been set for the day with tones of joy. My eldest daughter promptly ran for the bathroom, pulled down her pajama bottoms and pull up, flopped her training seat over the toilet opening and proceeded to have the world’s most amazingly satisfying and exciting tinkle. Much applause met this magical feat as baby sissy and mommy both cheered with her, as she had begun cheering long before the pee hit the water. After taking the kids downstairs once they were cleaned and changed, they both flailed about, asking for Cheerios! Easy wake up and an easy breakfast? I’ll take it!


Got them set up happy as clams with bowls of Cheerios and cups of milk, turned to do the dishes and there were only a few items to be done! Hallelujah!


My morning went from awesome to “Its a freaking miracle!” when I saw there was just enough coffee left in the pot from the night before for two cups of coffee. I snuck outside to have my coffee and morning cigarette, ease into waking up and outside was a sight for sore eyes. It was sunny but not scorching, birds were singing and the air smelled crisp and fresh. I could hear the girls happily talking in the kitchen from the front porch, and to my amazement when I went back inside, there was no mess to clean up! They had eaten their entire bowls of cereal and not spilled their milk all over the floor!


Upon unleashing the children from their chairs, my eldest promptly went potty again all on her own! After which, she grabbed one of her pair of big girl panties and presented them to me to assist with putting them on. This surprisingly good and cheerful behavior continued on all the way till lunch! We only had one minor snag and that was when my eldest needed to potty and couldn’t get her pants off. Don’t worry, she made it into the potty without getting her panties a pinch wet.


Lunch went fabulously, they ate their carrots and corn without fuss and scarfed down their sausages with eagerness. We did however require yet another potty break but who would complain?! The true test came after finishing their peanut butter sandwiches, the dreaded teeth brushing time. Surprisingly enough, this also went smoothly! As soon as we finished, it was time for bath, their favorite time of day. We all three had a blast, playing in the bubbles and getting water everywhere. Shortly thereafter, it was time for solo-play time, which originally was nap time. We read stories together, then I unleashed the box of blocks into the room and let them play.


I had time to myself, about 3 hours of time just for me. Of course, I spent the majority of it sweeping and doing dishes, as well as prepping my husband’s lunch for work. I also managed to get another portion of my story written that I’ve been working on to boot! After I got the kids downstairs, they had a snack of watermelon and juice accompanied by vanilla wafers. We spent time together as a family as the dad man got ready to go off to work, then it was outside into the sunshine to play on the slide and with the ball!
We laughed and played and chased eachother around the fenced in safety area until finally both girls wanted to head inside for dinner time. Dinner was a breeze! Of course, I ended up feeding Celeste her green beans, which is by no means unusual but it’s also a bonding moment for us since lately Marie has been more demanding of my time due to her potty training. They ate their fish sticks happily, then it was time to brush teeth again. The youngest gave me a run for my money, all the while she was giggling and rolling around in her chair being as insanely adorable as humanly possible. She even giggle-snorted. After I finally managed to brush her teeth, we went upstairs for a final potty break then it was story time! Tonight’s story was one about all the sounds Mr. Brown can do,ย which is one of their favorites.


To recap, we played, we laughed, Marie didn’t pee on herself once, and there was essentially no whining, no tantrums, no fighting, and no food messes! I would call that an A+ day, if days were graded by the amount of joy one has.


8 thoughts on “Absolute Perfection

  1. just think..if YOU adored your day, how much more did your midgets adore theirs? No tantrums, potty time perfection leading to pride in one’s big girl self..that giggle/snort? oh my. I remember those from my sons childhood. Life doesn’t get any better than that!

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