Love Lorn PT9

All that could be heard was Will laughing from the bedroom. Jane turned to her friends, “I think I’m about to make myself a widow.” She stood up and dusted herself off, took a napkin to clean the mess from her face and ran down the hall to her bedroom, leaving her friends sitting there giggling.

Well, I for one don’t want to be a witness to murder.” Charleen joked as she gathered herself. “I think it is time we take our leave, ladies.” Grinning at the girls who were still having fits of giggles.

If not a witness, how about an accessory?” Bev chided, laughing loudly.

Lisa shrugged, “I don’t have anything else going on, why not?” 

I for one would rather not, I’m quite sure my husband would be quite peeved.” Amber piped up, snickering.

Quite positive Jane can do this on her own.” Charleen snickered, “Plus, I’m positive my husband is wondering where I’ve been off to all day. He never can find my notes.

The ladies packed their belongings and departed the house. As they were leaving, they could hear both Jane and Will laughing from inside.

Jane and Will were in their room, Jane trying to wrestle the camera away from her husband and him barely managing to keep his balance enough to keep it from her. 

Come on, give it here!” She yelled.

Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin.” He laughed, “You’ll never reach it.

She tried to jump on him but ended up falling and landing on her bottom, “You better give it back, darn it all!

The whole while she was trying to get the camera from him, he was slyly moving the photo over to the memory card. Once it was confirmed it was on the memory card, he popped out the small disc and tossed the camera into the air.

Catch!” He called out and watched as she dived for it. As soon as he saw it in her hands, he ran from the room for the kitchen, laughing. Will hid the memory card under a rarely used glass on top of the cabinets, then bolted for the door from the kitchen to the garage.

When Jane realized that the photo wasn’t there to be deleted, she stood up and chased after him. “William Donovan Harrol! You’re a dead man!” She could hear his feet echoing as he was running through the kitchen, she followed the sound and came into the kitchen just in time to see him ducking out and into the garage. Will barely managed to close the garage door before she got to it, making her collide with the garage door. He could hear an “Ohmph!” from the other side of the door as she hit it. 

Will, you better open this door!” Jane hollered through the door.

Not on my life, my sweet Jane.” he chuckled, “I value my life too much.

Obviously you don’t since you took that picture of me!” She pounded on the door with her fist, “Open up!

Nope.” was the simple reply. Will was grinning to himself, enjoying the rare moment of catching her in a compromising position.

Uhg, I’m going to bed.” Jane said, frustratedly. She stood up and stormed off to the bedroom and dismissed getting dressed for bed. She flung herself onto the bed then curled into the blankets, quickly falling asleep as she was exhausted from the events of the day.

Jane dear, wake up.” Will softly called to her through the locked bedroom door.

Go away!” She yelled back, throwing one of the pillows at the door which hit the floor with a soft thud.

I made you an omelet for breakfast.” He said through the door, “You sure you won’t get up?

What kind of omelet?” She asked, lifting her head from the bed, curious.

Ham and cheese with chives, your favorite.” He said, the smile on his face evident in his voice.

Fine, I’ll get up.” Jane mumbled barely loud enough for him to hear. She got out of bed and took a shower, then changed into a fresh clean outfit for the day. Unlocking the bedroom door, she headed to the kitchen where the aroma of the omelet met her. Will was busy with plating the omelet, grabbed a fork and placed it on the table.

Good morning, sleepy head.” He smiled warmly.

Morning to you too, husband who still might die.” She looked at him with the faintest hint of contempt, masking her playful grin. “All depends on how good this omelet is.

I promise only the freshest ingredients went into making it, and it is seasoned to perfection.” Will said, beaming.

She took a bite of the omelet and raised a brow, took another bite then nodded. Clearing her throat, “You’ll live.” Nodding in confirmation, she finished eating. Once done, she got up to clean her dishes, but Will stopped her, “Tsk” he grabbed the dishes from her then cleaned them himself.

I have to work today, but you enjoy the last day of your weekend, hon.” He smiled at her, kissed her forehead then headed for the door. As he was picking up his keys from the bowl, he heard her coming up from behind him. 

Jane wrapped her arms around him from behind in an embrace, “Thank you for last night. It was fun.” she said softly.

I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” He replied, placing a hand over hers. Turning to face her, he gave a gentle loving kiss on the lips, “Have a nice relaxing day, hon.

I’ll do my best.” She smiled. “You do know you could have unlocked the bedroom door at any time, right?” her brow raising.

Oh, I know. I had, but when I came in, you were sleeping so peacefully and had taken over the entire bed.” Will chuckled, “I didn’t want to disturb your beauty rest.” He kissed her forehead once again, “I’ll see you after work.


That’s it for today. Please let me know your thoughts on the progression of our little story in the comments below. 


Love Lorn


4 thoughts on “Love Lorn PT9

  1. okay, so I am really very glad that they are getting along so well for a change and Jane has temporarily given up the paranoid thoughts that he is cheating…but where is the money? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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