Love Lorn PT10

Jane watched as Will pulled out of the driveway, waving goodbye. It was her last day off work, and tomorrow she began the ever relentless grind yet again. She was one of the top realtors at her location, but something about greeting smiling happy families day in and day out sort of made her feel as though she were missing something. Of course, she would never tell Will that she wanted to start a family. Jane had been waiting for Will to bring it up, but unbeknownst to her, he has been waiting for her. 

As she walked back inside, she went to the couch and turned on the television to see if there was anything interesting on at 7am. Much to her chagrin, all that was on was boring soap operas. She had no interest in them, they always had someone cheating on someone, somebody getting pregnant, or someone framed for some crime by someone no one else would of suspected. Becoming bored by the television already, she got up and went to the kitchen. 

When Jane got into the kitchen, it was clean. All the dishes were done, counters wiped down, floor was pristine. She couldn’t think of a thing to do in there. It was almost noon, and she had no idea what to do with her day. Suddenly an idea struck her with the swiftness of a lightning strike. She put on a kettle for tea then went into the garage to look for her easel. While rummaging about, she found her old oil pastels. Soon after, she found her easel, still stocked with Mi-Teintes she had bought the month previous. Grabbing her easel, she went out around the house to their backyard and began setting up.

After getting her materials set up and a small table fitted with a dozen napkins to set her pastels on, she started to look for something to draw. Her eyes were drawn to a little apple tree that had started dropping its fruit. Inspired by the beauty of the tree and its fruit, both fallen and still ripe on the tree, she began drawing the tree’s elegance. As she drew the outline of the tree in its vibrant colors, the multi-toned leaves and its soft brown trunk, the picture starting taking shape on originally blank paper. Using one of the many napkins she had brought out, she started coloring in the tree, using the napkins to add texture and shading. 

She had been drawing the tree for what felt like minutes, but had really been almost an hour. Once she had gotten the tree how she thought it looked best, she began starting on the bushes that lined the fenced in yard. Some of the bushes in the yard were looking worse for wear, but she pushed on. Soon the Mi-Teintes paper was full of life, vibrant and beautiful as she made the grass come alive. A squirrel appeared in the yard by one of the walnut trees, her hand moving as she watched the creature eat one of the fallen nuts. 

Jane kept at it, drawing more details as time drew on. Finally completed with her yard, she began onto the sky. It had started changing colors as the sun was beginning to set. She drew in the hues of red and orange as they filled the sky, getting the sun just peeking over the tree tops far in the distance. As she finished with the sky, she added in some shading to match the scene before her. She had spent the entire day outside drawing her yard and its beauty, so filled with life and nature. Looking at her picture she had made, she smiled fondly. 

Getting everything outside had been easy, but now it was becoming night and her eyes were heavy as she took everything inside, one at a time. She set the picture on the table in the kitchen, then gathered up her easel and her oil pastels, returning them to the garage. Throwing away the used napkins, she put the remaining clean ones back in the kitchen drawer. Jane gathered up the little end table she had borrowed from the living room and brought it back inside, setting it in the corner between the two couches.

Looking at the time, she saw it was nearly 7pm. She groaned, not feeling up to the task of cooking anything or being on her feet anymore for the day. Jane flopped backwards on the couch in a heap, reached over and grabbed the remote off the coffee table and turned the television on once more. After a while of browsing the channels, she finally found a movie that looked interesting. It was a sci-fi movie about a child who had gotten separated from their family while on vacation and had made friends with a tiny alien that liked to sit on his head. Not even halfway through the movie, and Jane was sound asleep.

It wasn’t until 8:37pm that Will got home, and when he arrived, he assumed his dear wife was still awake. As he got out of the car, he rummaged in the car for his lunch box and his briefcase. After a moment, he had both and went inside. 

Hon, I’m home.” He called as he entered the house. There was no reply, so he began looking around the house.

His first stop was the kitchen. Upon setting down his briefcase and lunch box on the counter, his attention was immediately drawn to the picture Jane had drawn and he smiled. “That’s a lovely picture you made, hon. Where are you?” He asked as he went into the living room.

Will chuckled as he saw her on the couch passed out. Gently taking the remote from her, he turned off the television and set it on the coffee table. He picked her up and carried her off to the bedroom, laying her down gently. Will took her shoes off, then her socks and covered her with the blanket. He gently kissed her forehead and whispered softly into her ear, “I love you, my dear Jane. Just you wait, I’ve a big surprise for you.


Love Lorn


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