Mind Boggling Rage

I try to think of myself as a pretty happy go lucky person, sure I have my bouts of depression but I usually don’t really have what most people call hellfire burning rage that could take down a nation.


Last night I read something that made my blood boil to the point I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t think, I was astounded at the way bureaucracy works. What caught my attention late in the night  was the story of the release of a criminal. A rapist. 


Now, I’ve addressed issues of rape before. It has become an epidemic in society, and more and more I’m starting to think that rape is just becoming the norm anymore. This should not be so. More to the point, rape needs to be dealt a heavy blow by giving proper punishment for the crime. 


I’ve made remarks about issues with our society like our immigration processes and vetting of those allowed within our borders. It is a growing problem to the point of being considered the norm anymore where new people move in, don’t learn our language, don’t adhere to our customs and ignore their duty to our nation.


I have even tried giving ideas of how we can protect ourselves, because without arming ourselves, travesties will continue to occur. We need to be ever vigilant but more importantly, our government needs to start doing right by us. I know this isn’t an issue solely within the United States, it is everywhere. Crime is an issue, but the forms of crime that once were our major concern are on the backburner because now we have rapists running rampant, bombers and shooters on our doorsteps, yet our government does nothing to dissuade these crimes.


Coming this Friday, a criminal will be free to roam our streets. This week will be further proof that our judicial system is failing us. Our governments bureaucracy is creating an unsafe environment for our people. They’re putting rapists out on the streets where they can once again cause havok. All at the behest of what I can only assume is an equally criminal judge, Aaron Persky. Brock Turner’s early release and extremely light sentencing isn’t the first time that Aaron Persky has failed the American People.


We need to start standing up, we need to protect our families from these criminals, and if our justice system is willing to fail us this horrendously, perhaps it is time we put an end to the justice system and create our own. Vigilante justice is frowned upon, but when our system lets us down, what are we left with? What are our options? Aaron Persky isn’t the only criminal residing within our justice system, and it’s about time We The People took a stand against the injustices they create. They are a vice upon humanity, and we should stand idly by no longer.




8 thoughts on “Mind Boggling Rage

  1. Nice post and thoughts. You are exactly right about our justice system, rapists being released back into society where they are highly likely to rape again. I’ve often wondered how these judges live with themselves for imposing such ridiculously weak sentences. It really makes me wonder about their character and their own skeletons. I don’t know how we get rid of them though. They seem to continue to laugh at the system and go about their merry way.

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