Love Lorn PT11

It was a Saturday morning, but for Jane, it was her Monday. As she woke, she stretched, her hands unsuspectingly hitting the beds headboard. She hadn’t done that in some time, but then, she also hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in a while too. Tossing the blanket off her, she realized she had no clue how she even got into her own bed. Looking around, the room was tidy and the door was slightly ajar. Jane got up out of bed and peeked out the door. What met her was the delightful scent of pancakes.

She wandered into the kitchen and saw her husband standing there, flipping pancakes while making scrambled eggs. Jane came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Good morning, dear.” She whispered softly in his ear. Giving his rear-end a squeeze, she went to go about making herself a cup of tea.

No need, hon. There’s a fresh cup on the table for you.” He turned away from the stove long enough to give her a kiss. “I hope you slept well. You were passed out before I got home.

She laughed softly, “I don’t remember going to bed, I must have been more tired than I thought.

Oh, you weren’t in bed when I got home. You were asleep on the couch.” He chuckled, “You looked adorable. I didn’t want you to wake up knotted though, so I took you to bed when I realized you were asleep.” Will smiled at her as he began plating some breakfast for her.

Jane’s cheeks flushed slightly, “That explains how I woke up.

Sitting down beside his wife, Will looked at her with concern, “What do you mean?” He placed a plate before her and one for himself.

I woke up, began to stretch and found my hands hitting the headboard.” She laughed, “I haven’t done that in a while.

He chuckled, shaking his head, “It’s all right, you fell asleep in one place and woke in another. It is to be expected.

As they ate, they sat in silence, aside from asking for butter or syrup for their pancakes. They enjoyed a moment of peaceful quiet as they ate. Though they didn’t speak, they kept glancing at each other. Every now and then they’d look lovingly into one another’s eyes, almost as if entranced with their love for eachother.

Jane jumped as there was a sudden knock on the door, startled at the loud noise. Will patted her arm, “I’ve got it, hon. Don’t bother yourself with it.” He got up, taking the dirty dishes and setting them in the sink before going to the door to see who had knocked.

Jane glanced at her watch and frowned slightly, “Who in the world would be knocking on our door at almost 7 in the morning?” She got up and started heading for the door, but as she got into the hallway, she watched Will slip out the door and caught sight of what looked like someone dressed in red. Her curiosity piqued, she went to the door to peer through the peephole. All she could make out was the back of Will’s head. Jane could barely make out the sounds of whispering, but couldn’t make out any words of what was whispered between the two. Frowning, she resigned herself to getting ready for work for the day.

As she was getting ready to head out the door, her bag in hand, Will came back inside looking flustered. Jane stood there in the hallway that led to the door, hand on her hip with a stern look on her face as she eyed her husband.

So, who was that?” She asked, sounding casual and aloof, though her tone, facial, and bodily language showed just how irritated she was.

Oh it was a wrong door.” He said, paniced as he looked at his wife, gauging her reaction.

Right.” Was all she responded with and swiftly pushed her way past him and out the door. She didn’t even pause to say goodbye as she grabbed her keys and got into her car to drive to her office.

All in a huff, she ran through a red light on accident, her mind being elsewhere. Her usual forty minute commute to work only took her twenty-five minutes, there having been little to no traffic and her lead foot having taken over in her silent rage. She punched in at the clock then went to her desk to review her schedule for the day.

She had three houses to show, one was a simple little house, a small two bedroom one bath, nice fireplace in the livingroom. It was a basic essentials home for a starting family, or for a couple planning to create their own family. Another house was a standard three bedroom one and a half bath with dine in kitchen, loads of counter space and a living room and family room. The final house was one that she had been handed recently. It was sort of run down and definitely a fixer-upper. The last tenant of the house had left it in ill-repair, water leaks and some of the electrical work needed repairing. She groaned, but suddenly felt relieved when she saw the person who she was showing it to had registered that they were single and a handyman, looking for property to really dig his heels into and fix. It was the perfect set, a handyman and a fixer-upper house.

Jane wasn’t expected at her first showing for another hour or two, so she set to work on the paperwork for the Perri family house. Her frustration of the morning having fueled her, she finished the paperwork in half the time. Now all she needed to do was wait until after showing the first house for the appointment to sign the finalized documents and get them a face to face with her boss to seal the deal and get the deed to the house. Her appointment with the Darrens wasn’t until tomorrow, so their paperwork could wait until she left for the night.


Chapter 1 is almost complete in this little story I’m writing! Let me know what you think so far in the comments below.


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