Love Lorn PT12

As she filed the paperwork away into her desk in its own manila envelope, Jane decided she would get an early start on preparing the house for its showing. Just as she was picking up her bag, her phone pinged. ‘Have a great day, hon. Love Will.‘ She smiled softly and quickly texted a reply, ‘You too, my love. Love Jane.‘ and out the door she went. Jane appeared to have some pep to her step as she went out of the office, and some of her fellow co workers had taken noticed as they smiled and waved to her as she departed. As she got into her car, she noticed that Melody wasn’t in today. Shrugging it off, she figured perhaps Melody was just off work, there hadn’t been any early morning announcement about her being let go.

The first house she was due to show was the three bedroom home, it was in a moderately good community so she had to make sure the house was in good clean condition before the family arrived. As she drove through town to the little gated residential area, she saw a flock of geese flying south. She loved the beginning of fall, the leaves changing and the imminent return of winter. Thoughts of long nights cuddled in front of the fireplace filled her mind as she drove. It was still warm out, but the summer heat had begun to pass.

When she arrived at the house, it was only a quarter to 9am, plenty of time to get the house ready as they weren’t due to arrive until half-past. She went inside the rather large home, immediately noticing the collected dust and bits of dirt on the floor. Going to the hall closet, she grabbed out the broom and swiffer with the wetpads to clean the wood floors. The whole house had wood flooring, but the wood was pristine. It’d been recently redone by the previous family, shortly before they’d moved on to a smaller home as their children had grown and moved away. It only took her twenty minutes to get the family room, living room, dining room and kitchen swept and mopped up. Jane had done the kitchen last so that she could make some fresh pumpkin shaped cookies. It was only the 7th day of September, but it is never too early for pumpkin, at least not in her mind.

As the cookies were baking, she set to dusting the windows and stairs. The task took very little time to complete and soon she was sweeping and mopping the upstairs. As she cleaned each bedroom and the two bathrooms, she made sure to scrub the toilets and the bathtub. Pleased with her hard work and dedication to ensuring a clean fresh smelling house, she went back downstairs and got the cookies out. Setting them on the counter to cool, Jane headed for the door. Jane had stood on the stoop for close to five minutes when the family arrived. Welcoming them to the home, she informed them there were fresh baked cookies for the kids to snack on while she showed the parents the home.

To her disappointment, the house was a bit out of the families range. They loved the location, the house, and the school district but the price was just too high for them to afford. As they parted ways, they informed Jane that they would speak with their financial institution and see if they could get some wiggle room and asked that she inquire about possibly lowering the price to fit their needs. Otherwise, they would have to start the search all over again. She promised them she would see what could be done and watched as they left. Gathering up the remaining cookies, she cleaned the dishes and headed back to the office.

Jane arrived just in time for the Perri family to be pulling up to the real estate office. She brought them to her office where she’d drawn up the paperwork and had them sign here, initial there, and double checked to make sure everything was official. 

I’ll be just a moment, Mr. and Mrs. Perri, I’m going to check that my boss is ready for you so that he can sign the deed over to you.” Jane smiled at them and departed.

Knocking on Ben’s door, she heard something clatter then a sudden, “What is it?

She opened the door barely enough to peek her head in, “Sir, are you ready for the Perri family?

He huffed and bruskly replied, “Send them in. The deed is ready.

She nodded and went back to her office and got the family over into his office to get the deed, “If there is anything else I can help you with, Mr. and Mrs. Perri, just let me know.” Jane smiled warmly.

You’ve been wonderful, Mrs. Harrol, thank you for everything.” Mr. Perri said as they went into Ben’s office.

Jane closed the door behind them and went back to her office to file the paperwork, then she opened the little drop slot that led to her bosses office and stuck the file in. She could hear Ben grabbing the folder and looking it over one final time, and she knew that the house would be theirs as she heard the hushed conversation through the opening. Jane smiled, pleased with herself. She took a moment to look over her schedule. Next house to show was the fixer-upper. She didn’t really need to put any effort into it, as the whole house was in desperate need of repair. 

It was only half an hour till the man was to due arrive, so she headed out of the office to the little house. The area the house was in was a decent enough place, but that house was an eye sore on the housing market. She knew she needed to sell the house, and she hoped the gentleman who was looking at it today would buy it off them. They were showing the house at noon, to accommodate his work schedule so he would be on lunch break for the tour.

When Jane arrived, he was already there, scouting the outside of the building with intense interest. “Hello, Mr. Davies. I see you found the place just fine.

He laughed, “Just call me Jon, Mrs. Harrol. It wasn’t hard to spot, they said it was a fixer upper and it sure is!” Jon seemed to be positively beaming with delight. “I couldn’t help but arrive early, I wanted a sneak peek before you started all the legal jargon.


To read from the beginning, you must find the prologue!


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