Love Lorn PT13

Jane nodded, “Okay, Jon. I’ll do my best not to speak legal jargon.” She smiled.

As they headed into the house, she kept looking at him, trying to gauge his reaction. So far, he seemed to love the house. It was almost like watching herself when she and Will had been shown their home for the first time. She could see he was immediately in love with it but she couldn’t figure for the life of her what was so lovely to him about this house.

It didn’t take long for Mr. Davies to find nearly every flaw inside the house. After a while of watching him explore, she became more and more worried that she wouldn’t be able to sell. Jane kept trying to give quips of information, but she could tell he wasn’t paying any attention as he scoured the house. Every now and again, he would let out a strange sounding squeal. The noise reminded her of the sound bats make when they’re flying at night and it made her shudder. Their hour to view the house was almost up, and soon Jon would need to be back at work.

Well, do you have any questions, comments, or concerns, Mr. Davies?” Jane asked tentatively, trying to mask the concern in her voice.

Not a one. I’m willing to pay whatever the price is, it’s perfect.” Jon replied.

The shock on her face must have been very blatant because Jon began to laugh, “Why the strange look, Mrs. Harrol?

Jane blinked and simply gawked in bewilderment for a moment longer before finding her voice again, “But the house is in shambles…” she trailed off.

That’s why it’s perfect! The house isn’t going to be lived in for a while, I’m buying it for my sister and her kid. Her boyfriend turned out to be a real piece of shit deadbeat who went to jail and she hasn’t anywhere to go but to live with me.” Jon paused excitedly, then continued, “In my down time I’ll be repairing the house, and in her downtime she will be cleaning it. It works, and she doesn’t need it for another few months, 7 more to go.” He seemed to be positively beaming, the joy in his face was astounding.

She shook her head in disbelief, “Well, the asking price is only ninety grand.” 

Jon nodded, “That’s fine, I’ve got a nest egg about half that size. Since my wife passed away and we never had children, I see no better use for it than getting a house for my sister and the baby.” He was smiling so hard it looked almost like the corners of his lips were trying to steal away from his cheeks and dive into his eyes.

Jane shrugged, “If it’s what you want, Sir, we can set an appointment to get started on the paperwork to finalize the sale.

Mr. Davies clapped his hands together in excitement, “Hows about tomorrow, same time? I’d like to get started on it as soon as possible.

She blinked, still bewildered by all the excitement, but glad to have the house off her listing, “That’s fine. I’ll make sure my boss has no other plans so we can go ahead and get the deed finalized for sale.

He nodded and went out to his repair van, hopping into the drivers seat. Just before he pulled away, he rolled down the passenger window and called out, “Thank you, Mrs. Harrol, the house really is perfect!

Jane stood there, a shocked look on her face as she watched him drive off. She quickly decided to pinch herself to see if she was awake. Sure enough, she was awake and she’d just sold the dilapidated house! Today was a win, no matter what happened before or after that moment, today was definitely a win. She only had one house left, and she could still bargain with Ben on behalf of the Perkins family for some wiggle room on the house. She had time to take a quick half hour lunch, before she was needed at the final house of the day. Luckily for her, she knew the location and surrounding area of the last house and there was a perfect little dine in restaurant that made a mean grilled chicken and grapes salad with croutons and sesame seeds.

When she arrived, three of the waitresses waved in greeting. She seated herself in a window booth, not bothering to pick up the menu. She merely looked through her folder to read more on the family she was showing the last house of the day to, trying to get some insight into what would help push them to buy the house. As she was looking over the files they had requested prior to scheduling the showing, she saw that it was just a man and wife who were wanting a spare bedroom for in case they had a child. Of course, the file hadn’t been updated in the past few months so maybe there was already one on the way?

She shrugged, figuring she’d find out when she showed them the house. Just as she was putting the files back, one of the waitresses came over with her salad. She smiled at Jane and wished her a good day and the best of luck, she’d become somewhat of a regular since the new development had created new business for the establishment. She ate her salad in quiet, enjoying her lunch. Before she knew it, it was time to head off to the house to begin preparing for the couple to arrive.

When she got to the house, she opened the door and it smelled fresh of cleaning product. A look of confusion drew across her face as she wandered through, but seeing nothing needing to be done. When she got to the living room, there was a note affixed to the fireplace.

Dear Realtor

We hope you find this home a good family, we cleaned up before we left.



Jane stared at the short letter for a few moments in shock, then decided to double check each room of the house. It was spotless, and smelled pleasantly clean. She tucked the note away, realizing that the couple would be there soon and waited for them out on the porch.



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