Love Lorn Pt14

Not even two minutes had passed and the couple was pulling up into the driveway. Jane greeted them warmly as she approached the car. The first thing she noticed was the young woman had definitely had a change in her itinerary for life. The baby bump wasn’t extreme, but it was very obviously there.

As the woman was exiting the car, Jane clasped her hands around the young ladies outstretched one, “Congratulations Mrs. Furro.” she was positively beaming at her.

Face flushing, “Thank you, Mrs. Harrol.” Mrs. Furro hurriedly spoke, obviously uncomfortable.

Come now dear, Mrs. Harrol is just being polite. No need to get self conscious.” Her husband said snapily. “We’re just here to look at a house, not impart our lifes story.” His voice was sharp and cutting as he spoke, Mrs. Furro’s head drooping as he talked down to her.

Let us get this underway, I’m sure there are more pressing things you would much rather be doing, Mrs. Furro.” Jane smiled, gently holding the woman’s arm as she guided her into the house.

Mrs. Furro allowed herself to be guided into the house, her husbands face contorting into a confused look. He quickly fell in line, following the ladies into the house. As they went through the house, Jane kept addressing the young lady, telling her about the advantages of the home and soon enough, Mrs. Furro found herself warming up to Jane. The whole while, Mr. Furro’s face seemed to become more and more enraged as he was ignored by the ladies.

What do you think, Mrs. Furro?” Jane asked, smiling brightly at the young woman who had softened and started to glow instead of looking awkward and uncomfortable.

Please, call me Lizzy, and I love it. Could you tell me more about the kitchen appliances?” She asked, her voice soft and pleasant now.

Absolutely, Lizzy. Now you’ll notice, there is a five burner stove top with a double oven and a microwave above for those convenient quick fix meal times when you’re too busy with baby. It’s the most energy efficient on the market, as is the double doored fridge with pullout bottom freezer. The refrigerator is large and built to hold food for an entire family, and the freezer is perfect for quick drop crockpot dinner storage ideas.” Jane was speaking warmly to her, keeping her at ease as she continued, “The previous occupants left behind a bunch of kitchen appliances like a blender, crockpot, food processor, a mixer, griddle, an iron with ironing board. There is also a can opener affixed to the base of the cabinet there,” she pointed to the far edge of the cabinets where it was screwed into the wood, “And there is a mini food processor for making your own solid baby food for when your little one gets to that stage of life. The family who had lived here left them behind at no extra cost and all are energy efficient, their only stipulation was that we find the home a new family that would take good care of it.” 

Oh, would you please excuse me? I think I need to use the little ladies room.” Lizzy said suddenly.

Absolutely, there is a bathroom just down the hall off from the kitchen. It’s the second door down.” Jane smiled, pointing in the direction of the toilet.

Thank you, I’ll just be a moment.” She dashed out of the room to the bathroom and disappeared from sight.

Now you look here, I’m the one you should be talking to, Mrs. Harrol. I’ll be the man of the house.” Mr. Furro snapped quietly in a hushed voice as soon as his wife was out of the room.

Jane turned and rounded on him, her face becoming very close to his, “Your wife is pregnant and you disrespected her in front of someone neither of you know, you’re lucky I don’t send someone to investigate for abuse on her behalf. She is carrying your seed that is growing within her body, feeding off her very existence and you have the gall to say I should address you?” The fury in her eyes was intense as she spoke quietly yet very directly, “You’re going to be a good man to Lizzy, you’re going to take care of whatever she needs and so help me, if you disrespect her again, I’ll make sure she can get a house but you’ll never be able to step foot in another. Her body is changing and she is going through waves of emotions that will make her seem crazy, the last thing she needs is some little man trying to make her feel small and insignificant.” Even though Jane was shorter than Mr. Furro, she appeared to be towering over him as she spoke with clear concise words, her voice cutting the air. “Do I make myself clear?

Mr. Furro, eyes now wide and filled with terror. He’d heard tales of her and how hard she works to get the best houses on the market, her rise from just an intern to number one realtor in the area. He gulped and nodded, “Crystal.” His saucer like eyes were filled with fear.

Just then, Lizzy came back in, breathing a sigh of relief. “Oh, much better. So, Jane, how much will this house cost us?” The look of relief becoming replaced with worry as she thought of the financial setback getting the house might be.

Jane walked to her and smiled, “Well, let me know your price range availability and we will work something out, I’m sure. Won’t we, Mr. Furro?” She shot him a look that dared him to disagree.

He simply stood there, eyes still wide as saucers, “Absolutely. Whatever you want, dear.

After about twenty minutes of discussion, they’d come to an agreement on a price the banks would be willing to help them with that the house owners would accept. As they parted ways, Jane gave Lizzy her personal number and invited her to come by for dinner.

Looking at the time, Jane decided it was time to go back to the office and prepare the Darrens paperwork as it was already half past 4 in the afternoon and closing time was 5pm. On the drive back to the office, Jane found herself humming a tune that she’d heard when roaming the museum. It took little to no time to finish up the paperwork, and soon enough it was time to punch out for the day. She had sold two houses and negotiating her third, and it was only her Monday! Jane was quite pleased with herself.

On her way home, she stopped by a little lake that had been turned into a fountain pond near the epicenter of their fair city and just sat on a bench, watching the birds play in the evening light. It wasn’t until dusk that Jane finally went home. She wasn’t very hungry when she arrived, so she ate some grape tomatoes and headed off to bed, anxious to meet with the Darrens tomorrow morning.


This concludes Chapter 1 of my little story, Love Lorn. I’m planning to do some edits to add more character to the characters (haha see what I did there?) so that readers get a more visual idea of them. Please let me know in the comments below what you think of Chapter 1!


8 thoughts on “Love Lorn Pt14

  1. holy cow! If a realtor ever said that to george he’d spazz a brick…… still waiting to see what her hubby had delivered in the box, why he is so secretive, and whether Jane is justified in thinking he is having an affair……grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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