A Rebuttal To Suze’s Conclusion America Isn’t That Great

So while I was talking with my infamous friend, Suze, we ended up having a discussion about America, and her post about America not being that great. While I agree there is room for improvement in America, I also disagree that America isn’t that great. Yes, we have our own significant struggles and our own issues that need handling, but overall, America is a better place to be than most nations I’ve read about, heard of, or spoken to friends who have either visited or live there. 


Here in America, we can rally together to petition or protest a bill or law that has been passed. In some countries (probably more than I know of) doing something like that would get you arrested on conditions of treason and end with the offenders dead in a ditch. Our freedom of speech allows us to speak up and rise against our government, we have a voice and we can make it be heard by those in power. Try doing that in certain countries and you’ll be jailed, and most often never seeing your family again because you’ll be dead. There are some places that are so restrictive of your means of communication that certain chat platforms are banned due to trying to control dissenting voices.


You thought the NSA spying was bad? Back in 2015, Chinese Police inadvertently admitted to buying malware to use to spy on their citizens. Their dictatorship is so extreme that there are chatting platforms the citizens cannot use because they regulate what is and isn’t allowed on your own mobile devices. They monitored anything and everything in real time and spent a pretty penny doing so! In recent months, Japan has actually started spying on any and all Muslims, not even due to terrorism but caused by the “Rise of Islam”. At least with the NSA, they were had key words and phrases that would trigger their ever listening ears. 


Yes, America could do so much better, but at the same time we’re still doing better than quite a few other countries, in my opinion. Racism is a terrible thorn in our side, but there are more countries out there that have nothing to do with other cultures or races of people. In certain circles, being an outsider will warrant your very demise, just because you’re different from them.


I concede that corruption within our government has gone too far, yes we have corrupt officials and police. The numbers are not near what they could be, considering the size of our nation and our population. Taking a look at one of our closest neighbors though, at least America doesn’t have a cartel running the show or we really would be screwed.


Lastly, there is the matter of terrorism and the fear it has struck in the hearts of many American citizens. We’ve had our fair share of bombings, a few beheadings here and there, we have suffered a few being stoned to death and the ever problematic prayers in the street, taking up an entire intersection that block off any form of transportation. Then again, at least we aren’t the rape capital of the world. The majority of our populace has begun to arm themselves so that they can properly defend themselves against acts of terror. We are also trying to figure out how to properly vet the refugees that enter our country so as to limit the influx of terrorists coming into our homes. 


Unlike America, most countries are so anti-gun that you can’t get a firearm without a permit, and considerations of self-defense are not considered a valid reason to be eligible for said permit. So when you’re sitting there thinking that America isn’t that great, take into consideration some of the places you could be forced to live. The conditions under which you would be in other countries. No, America isn’t perfect, but it is by far much greater than many nations. 


You can view the article that brought this post to life here!


12 thoughts on “A Rebuttal To Suze’s Conclusion America Isn’t That Great

  1. excellent article and you did indeed stay focused and non-argumentative! I concur with most of what you are saying. I think my biggest objection to using the vernacular of “great” is that there are so very many social, legal and moral issues here that seem to be getting worse instead of better. The attitude of doing it my way or take the highway isn’t new, but it seems to be gaining in acceptance in this country and that concerns me. People seem far more interested in trying to shove their opinions down other’s throats instead of having a reasonable discourse on whatever the subject is. Their seeming inability to see another’s point of view without chastising the person or name calling. These things all seem to be acceptable to the general populace and concerns me. For a nation that calls itself “Christian” there are a lot of behaviors, words and attitudes that Jesus would weep over and they do not see or can not speak of the hypocrisy of it. Your post should be an example to people on HOW to disagree. As a person that takes the “devil’s advocate” position more often than not, in an attempt to either stir controversy or stimulate a conversation, I can find NOTHING in this work to disagree with. Bravo!

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    • I agree, this black and white viewing of the world as become progressively worse but is still quite tame in comparison with other countries. It makes me sad to see us backpeddaling so hard and so fast into an archaic and once forgotten narrow point of view. Disagreements ought to be made with sound counter arguments. This is probably one of the key reasons I am a registered Libertarian, we believe that our rights end when they infringe on another’s. The Libertarian movement believes in freedom across the board and true humanitarian equality, something I firmly stand by. It is not our job to pander to any specific group because it will staunch their ability to learn to care for themselves. Those who literally can’t obviously deserve to be given leeway but those who are of working age, able bodied, physically and mentally capable, they should be made to work unless their marital status and spouses earnings allow for one to not have to work.

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  2. Yes, America is still coming off its 20th century wars high.
    Yes, America has lots of social issues, but conflating problems with a lack of respect is irrelevant.
    America IS the most respected nation on Earth despite its many many issues.
    That’s because America has a history of overcoming problems – winning wars – developing new technologies.
    Since you mentioned China…what has China done? It serves to make the world more insecure with its global ambitions, and it hasn’t created anything (in modern times) that it hasn’t directly copied.
    Oh and I completely disagree with you on guns. I don’t think countries are ánti-gun’ so much as American’s spin that as some kind of horror story.
    Guns need training, and training needs accreditation, and accreditation needs some form of licensing. That’s not an anti-gun stance at all.
    That’s a safety stance.


    • Actually there are countries that completely ban guns and claims of self defense are considered illegitimate cause for a gun. Such an instance of this occured when a woman who had a restraining order on her ex was killed while waiting for a background check to clear, in her own driveway. This happened here in America, where law abiding citizens are denied their constitutional rights. I am a responsible gun owner who trains as often as I can, and I’m a pretty decent shot too. Whenever I get the chance, I read up on safety regulations and make sure I am keeping up to date on gun laws. The powers that be want to remove the American people’s right to own a firearm, and that is a constitutional right.


      • I’m not disagreeing with your constitution.
        I’m just stating that regulating guns isn’t “anti-gun.”
        The situation is a bit different in the US due to the frequency of guns and difference in state law. Essentially a gun IS required for self-defence.
        Elsewhere, a gun is seen as predominantly an offensive, rather than defensive weapon, thus voiding its usage in self-defence.


        • That is the problem though- they aren’t wanting to “regulate” gun ownership, they’re trying to take the right to bear arms away. The fact that nations have actually came together as a collective and destroyed all guns owned by registered citizens only puts them at risk because people who break the law will still have guns. Ultimately they are creating a defenseless population, ripe for the overtaking.


          • It’s only a right in America.
            Everywhere else it’s more broadly a right to self-defence.
            As I said earlier, guns aren’t a defensive weapon. Using them defensively relies on pre-empting any assailant (You have to shoot any attack first or you’ll be shot dead).
            That’s why Australia has gun regulation in place.
            You must be trained to have a gun (there’s over a million registered gun users in Australia) otherwise it leads to this spiral of preempting preemption.
            I’m not saying the American model is wrong, but there is a risk to it in the same way that there is a defenselessnes in the Australian/British system

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            • You make a valid point. I personally believe that any able bodied individual who has no history of mental disorders or mental health issues, nor history of violence (domestic or terrorist related) ought to be afforded the opportunity to arm themselves should they feel adequate need for such measures. Some places, you can’t even have mace to protect yourself, which is insane considering all the acts of terrorism going on across the world these days.

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  3. regulation of firearms is not required beyond a background check sir.

    Are you aware of how much ‘training’ if any most police officers receive in regards to firearms? What are your sources for these claims?

    Further guns are seen as a defensive measure around the world actually…hence the massive rise in gun permit seekers and sales in Europe after the surge in violence due to the migrant crisis. This is NOT a distinctly American problem…at least not any more.

    Police training.

    Gun sales in Europe.

    You see here’s the deal. When you regulate weapons you take the ability of the individual to defend themselves like it or not. And this ties directly with an individuals right to take responsibility regarding the defense of their very existence.

    And secondly guns are already extremely regulated. To obtain one you MUST submit a full background check first. And secondly to concealed carry said weapon you already MUST take a training course which includes a proficiency test. So what other possible regulations are needed? It could very well be debated that guns are OVER REGULATED at this point…which is absurd for an unalienable right which ‘shall not be infringed’.

    Also as far as defense vs offense is concerned let’s not forget Europe’s isn’t the homogenous non violent society it used to be. And even now many european politicians are making calls to loosen firearms restrictions as a matter of public safety.
    Here are some examples


    Jewish EU groups demanding guns for safety.


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