Atheism And You

There is a lot of misconceptions about atheism and what atheists are like. I find it is my duty as a human, as an atheist, and as an American citizen to right a few wrongs here. I’ve heard enough slander, and been slandered myself, just for being exactly true to who I am.


An atheist.


Common flawed thought of non-atheists : Atheists have no morals! They are by nature immoral creatures because they don’t believe in God!



I have been often confused for being so moral that I must belong to some extreme cult like religion and that my following of God must be so intense that I would see no other as being able to hold a flame to my candle. Here’s the kicker. I don’t believe in God. I do however believe that all people need to find their own moral compass with which to gain guidance from.


I don’t believe in stealing. I’ve done it in the past and had it done to me, I’m flawed, so sue me. I haven’t done it in a long time and I don’t intend to ever do it again. I don’t believe in lying. Again, it is something I am guilty of from my past, but who hasn’t? I don’t believe in cheating on someone you’re in a relationship with, and that is something I’ve never done in my entire life. I used to actually get into fights with people over cheating when they were in relationships, even if they were just “dating”. I never threw the first punch, but I certainly landed the final one.


I believe in standing up for what is right, being honest, and being true to ones self. I also believe in letting others believe what they so wish to believe, and that we ought to let others do as they so please so long as they aren’t doing anything that will harm anyone. Name calling is rude, but it isn’t going to break anyones legs or snap their neck. Talking about someone behind their back sure is a nasty thing to do, but it isn’t like they’re literally taking a knife and shoving it through your ribs and straight into your heart. Spreading rumors is all too acceptable in todays society, but it isn’t like they’re raping you or your family.


Granted, I don’t like name calling, talking behind peoples backs, or spreading rumors. If I have something to say, I say it to a persons face.


Another thing many people think atheists do is try converting people. Question is, what in the world would we convert people to? Atheism is an entire lack of a belief system that requires any figurehead. We aren’t satanists or devil worshipers, we don’t worship anyone! In some cases, I’ve personally talked people out of leaving their faith. My personal thought on the matter is that if it makes people happy to believe in something, then so be it. Other peoples happiness is more important than what one personally believes. I have throngs of friends who are of religious affiliation, but I have respect enough for them and they of me to not bring up the topic. 


Atheists are unintelligent.



Now I’m not claiming that I’m an exceedingly intelligent person, or that I have all the knowledge I will ever desire in my life. There are many famous and influential atheists out there in the world, and they are absolutely mind blowingly interesting to me. I’m just a stay at home mom of two beautiful little girls, and I want them to grow up to think for themselves as I was afforded such an opportunity. Which is precisely why I will be homeschooling my children.


Atheists want to destroy Christianity and all that America stands for!



The original Pledge of Allegiance never had mention of God, religion wasn’t taught in schools, and the very notion of it was against the separation of Church and State.

Image result for original pledge of allegiance meme

Atheists don’t mind that you want your children to learn about your personal faith, we just don’t want it shoved down our throats or the throats of our own children. It’s a simple request, one would think. After all, there are thousands of private schools that teach religion and you even have your beautiful Churches. What do we atheists have aside from our parents and those of like-mindedness? A little equality goes a long way.

You see, atheism is a lot like Libertarianism. We accept all, even those we perceive to be different. We love all, no matter if they are flawed. Trust me, we’re all flawed in some way shape or form. We seek civility, not necessarily your acceptance but to be able to conduct ourselves as you are free to do the same. We believe in being humanitarians, treating others with kindness, and that our rights end where yours begin.

Your body is your temple, your mind is your altar, and your feet are your carriage. Your mouth is your deadliest weapon that should be necessary, so long as you’ve got your wits about you. Libertarianism and Atheists have a lot in common, we stand firmly in the belief that it is our duty not our schools to teach our children right from wrong. We parents are our children’s guiding compass, teaching them morals through our example. 

So instead of spreading hate against Atheists, why not spread a little awareness. Who knows, you might find a great friend in an atheist who is happy to just know you, not your God.


13 thoughts on “Atheism And You

  1. Well…
    My experience is usually the other way around to be honest.
    I think the Bureau of Statistics came up with the figure that 60% of Australians are Christian, but it seems once every week there is someone that disparages me for wearing a cross.
    Leave me alone 😦 What did I ever do??
    But yes, interestingly enough. It’s the argument that believers are sheep and not intelligent, that is used against me.
    I’ve also been told believing in god is immoral because he causes natural disasters.
    Of course I ignore them because their arguments are fallacious and hold little in the way of philosophical reasoning.
    So It’s really interesting to hear that the opposite happens in America. That’s kind of fascinating.

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  2. Thanks for the sharing of knowledge about your belief system, Shay! So many people are convinced that atheism is a horrible thing with horrible people. Hopefully this post will go a ways into changing people’s wrong beliefs about you and what you believe. You are quite frankly one f the most moral, loving, supportive, and kind people I have ever met and if others can’t see who you are in this context then I really feel sorry for their loss.

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    • Aw thank you Suze! I feel that the only proper way to guide our children is by leading through example. I want my children to grow up strong, vigilant, intelligent, loving, moral, supportive, and so much more. In order for me to expect results, I have to do so in turn so they can see what it means to be a good person at heart.

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  3. Brilliant post. I’m so sick of people thinking that Atheists can’t be moral or have no meaning in their life. Although I’m not an Atheist anymore (more of an Agnostic Buddhist these days) it used to drive me bonkers, listening to some people’s opinions of Atheism; the best comment I’ve heard was from a Christian who said that I had to believe in God first to not believe in him ?! I mean, wtf. Everyone should just be free to believe whatever they want.

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