Princesses Everywhere!

So I was asked a while back to write a post about Disney and honestly, first thought that came to mind is the millions of Princesses that have come out of the Disney Studio Creation process. There are so many, and I grew up with most of them before they started in with all the new fangled process of doing movies. I miss the hand drawn artwork, it was so much more delicate and intricate in my opinion! We have princesses of all denominations, skin tones, backgrounds, and ages! 


I grew up with Ariel from Little Mermaid, the box cover that had inadvertently put a penis on the cover. Beautifully drawn Cinderella who fought against all odds to have the chance to go to a magical ball where she would meet the man of her dreams. Sleeping beauty whose outfit I wanted until I hit my adult years (ok I secretly still want it, so sue me), and whose story touched my heart in ways I never thought imaginable. 


Then there was my all time favorite, Snow White. I loved it most of all above all others because of how humble and kind she was. The seven dwarves helped her really blossom into a beautiful young lady, all the while managing to have the most amazing interactions with the surrounding wildlife. I only wish I could wake up, throw open my windows and sing until birds came into my home to join me!


The problem with Disney Princesses though is that they give some extremely disproportionate expectations. I mean, not everyone finds their Prince charming. You can’t always make all your problems go away, sometimes they’re there to stay. Don’t even get me started on how stunningly beautiful Disney Princesses are. 


Of course there are other stories made by Disney that are always family favorites like Pinocchio. Who better to teach young minds that lying is bad than a little wooden puppet that wants to be a real boy, only to find that every time he lies his nose grows? Meanwhile Alice in Wonderland makes me think of someone going through a really bad acid trip and just telling the story to some passerby while having wild hallucinations. Fantasia and all the following Fantasia movies were intensely amazing but also had this sort of stoner acid vibe. The music was always great though! I was constantly hooked!


Don’t think that Dear old Walt forgot about the animals though, some of my favorite childhood memories are watching such titles as Bambi, 101 Dalmations, Dumbo, and Lady and the Tramp. Lets not forget Mickey Mouse which is still a major house hold brand name that was started before I was a twinkle in my mother’s eye!


Every Disney movie has a story to tell, a moral to give to each boy and girl. I am hoping to build up a collection of the old originals before my kids are too old, so they can grow up with some of the movies I fell in love with as a child. You’re never too old to watch some classic children’s movies, even if you’re a grandmother or in your 70s without any kids. 


9 thoughts on “Princesses Everywhere!

  1. The problem is mostly with all the earlier Disney princesses.
    Before the late 90s, Disney princesses were dominated by the likes of Ariel and Cinderella – especially Ariel.
    They were characterized by a passivity and lacked determinism for their fates. It was a really sad message to be sending aspiring women, and it took until the (fourth?) feminism movement for them to change their stance.


    • Yea Ariel kind of let herself be taken advantage of and had her fate in the hands of Prince Eric – whether or not he would kiss her in time for her to get her voice back. Granted she was young and naive, and I think the lesson behind it was more to the point that you shouldn’t count on others to make your dreams come true. Be yourself and you can change the world. At least, that was what I got from her story.

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      • I agree with you on the lesson, but that’s not how feminists and child psychologists looked at it.
        They saw it from the angle that women had to rely on others for your dreams to come true.
        Regardless, I found her lack of speech a really poignant plot point.

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        • I agree, it was definitely a crux to the whole movie. It relied on her getting Prince Eric to kiss her to break the curse that she allowed to be put into herself, which is what made it so sad. In the end though, as with many Disney movies, love won out.

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