The Little Things

As parents we all experience ups and downs, we have good days and bad. Sometimes the bad seems to outweigh the good to the point we feel as though we might lose our minds. Especially those of us with younger children, and parents of older children I am sure you remember those days like a long lost nightmare replaced with different kinds of nightmares. Many times we find ourselves perplexed by what brings these moments on, but sadly no one really knows what causes it until they learn to speak and enunciate for themselves.


There are times when all you hear all morning and afternoon long are the heart wretching cries of temper tantrums and fits of frustration from the once sweet and innocent happy children you have. We don’t like talking about these moments except with those closest to us, biding our time until the fog lifts and we are brought back to the cheerful times we love and adore. Until that time resumes though, we live in a nightmare that feels as if it will never end. 


Then almost as though nothing was ever wrong, they come up and give you hugs and kisses. They wrap their tiny arms around your neck and snuggle you with all their might and give you the sweetest sincerest smiles with big saucer eyes. Their bright little faces seeming to light up the room as the storm has disappeared just as quickly as it arrived. 


There is a reason we parents don’t like talking about our kids bad moments to others, especially not in an open forum like social networks and the likes. Reason being that we know that even just one ill word could lead to a permanate view of a person, and we don’t want to taint our children’s lives by giving others a bad outlook on them. First impressions are everything, and very rarely do we get a second chance. We as parents know that our kids have the potential for good, just as they have the potential for bad.


Everyone has good and bad days, moments, experiences. The main thing though, this part can be hard especially in the heat of the moment, is to remember that your children are and will always be the limelight of your life. The moment that temper tantrum fades and all the world is smiles again, that frustration will melt away into nothingness and it will feel as though a weight has been lifted from you.


It is these moments that we as parents live for. So take a short break from the madness, walk away for a quick cup of coffee or tea, or go smoke a cigarette if that’s what you’re into. Just remember, it’s the little things like a beaming smile or a sweet voice saying I love you that will bring back the happiness to your day.


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