They Like Me! They Really Really Like Me!



So it’s mid September, and I’ve only been writing since March, and tomorrow marks my half-year anniversary! Not only does it mark my half-year anniversary, but I’ve managed to make 295 posts! (This being 296, to be absolutely correct!) I’ve hit a milestone I didn’t think I’d ever hit, and I’m absolutely astounded!


I hit 1,000 likes! Holy cow that is a lot! I want to thankĀ Nam H Nguyen from Reality Through Fiction for giving me my 1,000th like. Between Nam and Suze, I think they comprise 70% of my like-base! Thank you two so much for reading through my drivel and enjoying it enough to hit that famed like button, giving me a pretty new shiny medal.


I’d like to ask my readership out there from the blogosphere what their favorite posts are and why. What post of mine really spoke to you, and what one really made you smile?


I’m so filled with joy and amazement that I’ve hit such a milestone that I can’t think of what else to write, I’m honestly just gushing with joy right now. Again, thank you to all those who read my writing and I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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