So Fierce!

There are many things to be passionate about, and it is those things that we feel deeply about. We defend them with ferocity unknown to others who don’t carry the same passion. Everyone has their unique things they’re passionate like different people, places, things, ideas and concepts, beliefs, and so many other things. What is rare though is to be passionate about oneself


For some reason people don’t feel passion towards themselves, and I’m not being sexual here, I’m being quite literal. You might think you’re passionate about yourself by surrounding yourself with trinkets and baubles, living up in a tower far far away where you can lord yourself over those you find insignificant, but that isn’t truly being passionate about you. Being passionate about oneself entails knowing who you are inside, at your very core. Don’t get too literal, we’re not talking about bodily organs either.


Take for instance, I was born to go through hell only to come out stronger from it. I was raised by a natural born caregiver, and apart of that rubbed off on me. Quite proud of that, actually! My mom didn’t get the luxury of waiting on us kids hand and foot like I do with my children, but she always did her best to ensure we were taken care of and provided for. She was passionate about her family she’d created, just as I too am passionate about the family I created. Just as to love someone else you must love yourself though, in order to truly be passionate about anyone, you must first find how to be passionate about yourself.


Love and passion can sometimes be intertwined, though most people aren’t passionate about themselves so it is rare to find. Or maybe it is simply spread thinly across the world, who knows? To be passionate about yourself though, you need to accept yourself for who you are. Even if you’re not pleased with what you see in the mirror, be it too thin, too fat, or even just thinking you look plain and ordinary, you are unique. You should love you for who you are, and let that love build into passion.


Love your flaws, your scars, your emotional wounds. Love your face, your skin, your hair. You’re authentically unique, even if you resemble someone, you don’t look exactly like someone else other than you. Become passionate about the things that make you unique, because they are indeed beautiful like you. Yes, there are some ugly people in the world who have no passion, no love, no desire for anything better than to be cruel, but they’re the only people who truly are ugly. Just another reason to figure out who you are, so you can be passionate about you and who you’d like to be.


The most amazing thing about passion for yourself is the ability to forgive yourself, even when we expect the best and don’t get the results we were hoping for. People who tend to hold a grudge against themselves neither love nor are passionate towards themselves. This both saddens me and worries me. We have children growing up in a day and age where passion is non-existent. There must be something done to end this passionless age and bring back true persisting and never-ending passion.


4 thoughts on “So Fierce!

  1. “Being passionate about oneself entails knowing who you are inside, at your very core.” Yes, it does. So many people see themselves as “less than”…and it shows up in their lives in myriad ways..usually all of those ways are negative. People say “oh I love myself” but then tear themselves down..”oh, I am not smart like that” or “oh, I am not really pretty”. It is impossible to be passionate about something or someone that you do not truly love first. People who love themselves first are generally the most loving towards everyone else. And they are beautiful. Like you.

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