Missing Memories

Back in an age, pretty certain it was before I was born, it was an “in” thing to do silly stuff like take photos of your babies bottom being exposed by the family pet, or “stylish” to snap a shot at the most awkward moment of a bath with you and your siblings. Most often these adorable candid camera moments would find themselves in the family photo album fear dear mum or grandmum to show off to your friends and potential suitors, regardless of how much one bemoaned over it.


These days though, such acts are labeled child porn. For those who lived through the age of embarrassing family photos, you know of the funny adorable images I’m referring to and know just as well as I do that no mother worth her grit would actually use such photos as pornographic material. They are family memories! Be it the baby using the potty for the first time because it’s a milestone and we parents think all milestones are important (because they bloody well are!) or just adorable babies at play in the tub. Sometimes it’s a hilarious wardrobe malfunction that you just want to get a picture of because it’s so darned hilarious and cute. As parents in this day and age though, we can’t do that. We have to mentally store these memories where no other person can ever see because there are some bad people in the world.


It breaks my heart thinking of all the cute photo ops I’ve missed out on due to this modern age where bad people do bad things with innocent photos of children. Not to mention some used to use these photos for diagnosis of rashes and sores, but now we have to waste our time taking the kid to the doctor over a simple eczema rash because we can’t utilize our support groups that know what it looks like. Sure you can try describing it over the phone or through a text but to get a real diagnosis anymore, here I come doctors office! So much money spent in copays, doctor office emergency visits, and in some cases, emergency room visits because the doctors office isn’t open 24/7. 


Take for instance this couple who got their children taken away just because they had photos of their kids in the bathtub… How horrible is that? Can you imagine the trauma this family and especially the kids went through? This pettiness needs to end, we as parents deserve to keep our precious memories!


6 thoughts on “Missing Memories

  1. Sad, but true.
    There is this growing social intervention into the family :/
    I see old time pictures of people riding on the back of pickup trucks – and I get jealous – because I’ll never experience it 😦
    The bit I hate the most is the ‘pornography’of breast feeding. It’s of course, up to the mother to be discreet but If someone gets the jills from that…well that’s kind of weird.
    There’s a baby there..

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    • I couldn’t agree more! I mean come on, it’s a baby eating. How are you going to get jolly while a baby is right there and more in your face than the woman’s boob. Seriously, if the baby is eating, you’ll see the babies head not the woman’s nipple or anything. Be realistic folks

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