Just Stop!

Okay so I’ve come to a point where I have realized something important. The whole entire world needs a proofreader. Seriously, some of the drivel I find some days is astounding. I know we are supposed to support positive thoughts and promote other people’s creativity but seriously, come on. Sometimes there is gold hidden in the dust and then there are times when it is just a pile of shit hidden under a nice looking shirt that got thrown to the floor and forgotten for a few days. Over the past few days I have read through so many posts of inane bullhuckery that to classify it as worth reading would be a gargantuan lie.


The problem isn’t so much just the lack of sentence structure, or the horrible grammar, it isn’t even the inability to coherently form words into a readable paragraph. It is the issue of what is written is positively not worth the time it takes to open the page. Yes, some of what I have read in the past couple weeks has been that bad. The content, lack of context, illiteracy, and overall disregard for the English language is deplorable. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking I actually wasted ten minutes trying to read something that literally made my brain cry in terror at what the world has come to.


You see, American English or England English, both are easy to understand and have similar principals. They have similar styles but are also both unique. That is what makes it so inherently beautiful, and why Americans find it disgraceful when the language(s) is butchered. I’ve known an Englishman to take offense to it, but not nearly as vehemently as I, so maybe I’m just a little overly patriotic but by golly this bullhuckery needs to be put to an end. It needs to just stop! You know? It would be like me trying to write in another language I never bothered trying to learn. I wouldn’t do it, because it is insulting. It shows an absolute lack of respect to the language and the people you’re trying to get your point across to, because obviously if you attempted to write in English, your target audience speaks it.


Even if you have to educate yourself, or have a friend who knows English better than you, do yourself and everyone else the favor of learning how to get your point across. Trust me, your entire point has fallen on deaf ears because only you and people who butcher languages could possibly understand what came out of your fingertips and onto that screen.


An Angry Patriot


15 thoughts on “Just Stop!

  1. okay, sweetie…breathe now. I am one of the worst when it comes to proofreading. I fail to do it every single time I post. I think it’s because if I read it over I will notice what a steaming pile of horse pucky it really is and I won’t post anything. Of course, I am such an erudite and wonderful personality of a person no one should care, right? (oh boy…wonder if anyone will buy that?)

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  2. I have to say, I despise it when people write in “text speak”. U no? Wen evry thing is abbreviated n slang? Write the freaking words as they are spoken, for the love of humanity! Oh, and something I’ve always told my son when he was growing up- nothing makes you look stupid faster than misspelled
    words in your writing. In my book, there’s no excuse for not knowing how to spell. (He came in second in his school’s spelling bee when he was 10.)

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    • Oh my gosh it drives me up a wall when people use text speak…. I can understand saying something like “lol” or stuff like that because it isn’t exactly easy to convey laughter in conversation but such things are out of place in a blog post. My present post is more of ranting about people who can’t get their point across because their wording makes absolutely no sense what so ever. I can get a spelling mistake or two once in a while, we are all human, but when everything you write makes less sense than a Shakespearean story, we have a problem.

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