Tough Decisions

There are many things we do in life just to get by, many of which are making tough calls and snap judgements. Sometimes these decisions we make take a toll on us, or last a life time. An example of a tough decision is how to punish your children, or whether or not to move away from the only family you’ve ever known for a chance at a fresh start. When it comes to making these calls, it is hard not to get swept up in the emotions and jump to a decision before thinking rationally about the potential outcomes.


With one of the examples I would like to show how emotions can cause a jump reaction in a tough situation. I’m going to pick the example of moving away from all you know and love. It is a thing many are faced with more and more every day. Sometimes the move is for a job, others it may be for a fresh start or because of love. Many who completed highschool, the reason is to expand upon their education. For all these situations, there’s a great deal of emotion put into making the decision, hoping for the best result.


When you make the decision that you need to move for the posterity of your financial situation, if you’re presently employed and have a significant other who is also working, you find yourself in a tad bit of a snaffu. The bind you just managed to put yourself in is this one, ‘Will your significant other be happy with this quick call you made for yourself? Did you jump to the  decision without consulting them?’ If either answer is no, then you allowed emotion to take over your judgement and completely ignored the emotions of the person you love dearest.


Often times these quick emotional commitments come crashing down around our ears and there isn’t anything to be done about it except sit back and watch the Dominos fall. Where ever they land, you had better be ready to collect the pieces together again and hope you can mend the heart(s) you may have broken. If you manage to pick up the pieces and mend the bond, don’t let the opportunity be wasted on you. Learn from the experience and keep your partner in the loop about big changes in your life, it affects the both of you after all.


Leaving home for college can be kind knowingly terrifying, especially if you have never been far from home. You may have put thought into your applications and sent them to any school you thought would read it, all the while expecting to go to your local public college and work in your off time to offset the cost of tuition. You and your friends may have even collaborated together to try getting into the same university, the group jumping up and down with excitement as you await the acceptance letters. When you find where your going the panic sets in.


Suddenly the move becomes a reality, your mind is racing and you haven’t even looked at places to stay. If you’re lucky, your friends are coming with you. Otherwise it will be an emotional train wreck of emotional goodbyes, hugs, and lots of tears. What would ordinarily take an hour or two at best will seem like it is strentching on for forever as it dawns on you that you’re going to be alone in a whole new place. Surrounded by people you haven’t yet met, with no safety net what so ever. The fear begins to settle in now.


For the purpose of this post though we are going to go with the idea that you and your friends got into the same college. That is great! Wonderful news! Now the only people you have to say goodbye to are mom and dad and maybe your siblings as you and your friends begin the drive to your new home. With happy waves and cheerful faces, you embark on the adventure of a life time while surrounded by familiar warm faces that somehow put you at ease. The best part is you all got assigned to the same dorm room!


You see, as I’ve shown throughout this entire post, emotion is a major factor in how we deal with, respond to, and make decisions on life. With every decision, every jumped to conclusion, and snap judgement, there is emotion hidden deep within our reasoning.


Would you care to share an example? I would love to read some personal experience from others, so feel free to express yourself in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “Tough Decisions

  1. Well…I don’t think I have made a truly tough decision in my life then!
    Of course it’s very much a subjective experience, but when I look back on it – I don’t think those emotions I experienced were every much.
    I guess I’ve had an easy life.

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