American Crisis

The whole of the American people are presently at odds with one another. We are usually bickering about something but now the battle has become one of strained family relations and even more pressured ties to friends. Anyone who has been following along with the Presidential Debate as well as the Election Campaign itself will see that we are, most literally, at odds with one another. That is the complete opposite of what the presidential nominees are supposed to be doing. We have before us a quandary of such magnitude, I don’t know that many truly understand the divisiveness that has been created.


The divide between the American people has become so great that I honestly am beginning to think that we will not be able to recover from this travesty of a presidential election. On one hand people are saying if Trump is elected the will leave or assassinate the president just like the good ol days! Hyuk! Then we have the group’s that scream about murder filling the streets if Hillary is elected, which apparently will be caused by goat raping extremists. *scratches brow* I’m confused on both ends of the spectrum! So Trump wins we get an assassination attempt, and if Hillary wins there will be death in the streets. We are literally stuck choosing between a Douche (Donald) and a Turd Sandwich (Hillary). Neither really have promising outcomes, but the third-party voting isn’t going to happen because they don’t believe enough people are smart enough to think for themselves.


A dilemma indeed, if I do say so myself. From what I understand, from what little time I get to delve into the world of politics, neither candidate really cares about doing the job right. They’re just pandering to what the masses want to hear as best they can. Meanwhile Hillary is apparently on deaths door step and Trump is… Going to places struck by disaster? Pff just another tactic used by previous candidates to get votes, right? Both are trying to appeal to the humanitarians by claiming “Open borders, let everyone in!” or “Close borders and build a wall!”


Taking a look at other countries, they aren’t faced by such dilemmas. Why? They take care of them and only allow visitors, very rarely do people immigrate to them. Even their visitor numbers aren’t as high as America’s. You don’t have to take my word for it though, after all, we do live in the age of information. The only problem is trying to determine whether the source we find is credible or just click bait.

8 thoughts on “American Crisis

      • It won’t matter in my life. I had to quit reading “it” the story by Stephen King. It gave me really evil vibes….Both the republicats and demmicans are cuting Human Services.


        • That’s one of the downfalls of life, and the direction the United States has been going in. Every year, we’re further in debt because we keep borrowing against the deficit, causing more programs to get cut in order to attempt counter balancing the bad decisions made by our government.


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