We Need Direction!

I’ve put a lot of thought into the presidential race, and I’ve even gone so far as to look at alternatives for presidential nominees. Why? Because I cannot stand either nominee. Both are crooked, lying, conniving, and will pretend to do anything they can to get in office. Sure they might have one maybe two redeeming qualities, but is it really good enough to offset the evil that hides within them? In this concoction of evil and terror that they both drive forward, is there truly a lesser evil in this entire equation? To say that there is a lesser evil between the two of the candidates is to not have your eyes wide open. They both feed off the fear they instill in the hearts of their followers, they both instigate drama and chaos everywhere they go, no matter what others would dare to say.


You see, I’ve gone over the pros and cons of each candidate, the evil they’ve done and the good they claim to of done. I’ve gone over the lies, spread on both sides. I’ve grown tired of searched for the facts on the two poster kids for the presidential nomination, and I hope with all that I am that others have too. Our system is flawed, our system is corrupt, and we as a nation are literally bankrupt. We are in so much debt, such a mad panic, that even if we had an extremely fiscally responsible person in office for 2 full terms, we still couldn’t see the rim of the hole we’ve been dug into by our own government. We could cut laws, take away things, remove payouts, it still wouldn’t be enough. What’s worse though? Those who run for office spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, much of it donated to them from their constituents, and they blast it all on campaigning and smearing their opponents. That money which would be better served trying to dig us out of our grave, it is wasted on trying to elect someone into office and they can’t even spend it wisely.


We need to find a way that our nominees truly stand for what the American people need, not what they want. Yes, getting what we want is nice but let us not sugar coat the subject, we are a very wanty people. Maybe not all people, but as a whole, our nation is very much in wanting of this that and the other thing. 


When our founding fathers established the United States of America, wrote the constitution, they warned against corruption. They warned against growing tyranny, a country of lax people who no longer fight for what they believe in. The entire foundation of America was escaping a tyrannical government that was literally stealing from its people, controlling its every move. I am certain if they could see what America has become, they would be so ashamed of us all. It should not require hundreds of thousands and upwards of millions of dollars in order to run a presidential campaign, it should not consist of people lashing out at eachother in order to make themselves look good. A true presidential campaign should be determined on the worth of the candidate, the ideals they wish to implement in order to better our once great prosperous and very generous nation. In order to run for president, one should be of sound mind, body, and spirit. They must not enter into it in an attempt to conquer a nation, but instead to build and better a nation.


Our President is supposed to stand for the people, not for the bank and corruption. Inform yourselves and maybe, just maybe, we might find ourselves looking at 4 years of prosperity for our nation and its people.

7 thoughts on “We Need Direction!

  1. Our choices are unfathomable this year. One side is a mentally ill self-deluded liar with delusions of grandeur..we have a person that is so unlikable that people cringe when they hear the name..we have three offshoots that can not hope to win but only serve to pull votes away from one of the others.
    We are not just between a rock and hard place with this election, we are balanced at the edge of a cliff on a dull knife blade as well…and there’s a large predator on the cliff above us. So what are we to do?
    I have never had to vote for the “least objectionable’ before, yet that is the position I find myself in this year. And I fear for all of us because of it.

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