Lets Dress Up!

So I’ve spent my entire adult life drooling over the idea of a dress for a wedding that I’ll probably never have. I had a simple justice of the peace wedding, which while it was good enough and brought us together in what others call holy matrimony, wasn’t anything like how I had imagined getting married when I was a kid. Everyone has their own unique ideas of what they’d like to wear, where their wedding will be, and what they’d force everyone else to wear so they don’t showup the bride on her special day. Nobody want’s to deal with a bridezilla in front of masses of people! 


I’ve had a collection of photos that alone don’t amount to much in my eyes, but when combined together just right, it would make the most gorgeous dress in all the land. It would rival that of royalty! The only problem I have is that I know nothing about how to make a dress, or a dress slip that would fit it perfectly, or a corset. So I’ve held onto these pictures for years in the hopes that one day I’ll have the time, the money, the sewing machine, as well as the know how. To my surprise, I already know someone who can do it apparently! 


The one and only infamous Suze, one of my closest friends, even though she lives like two states away, knows how to make renaissance dresses! Is this lady awesome or what?! We were talking on Facebook late last night about random who knows what when somehow we got on the topic of dresses and stuff from the past. It dawned on me and I said, “Hey, you make renaissance dresses, right?” “Well yea” I felt like a dummy! Here I had been, wasting away and toiling over how I would get my dream dress to fit any and every occasion and this amazing wonderful mastermind woman knows how to do it!


Long story short, I share the images with Suze and she stares at me on the webcam and says, “I could do this. This is very easy. I can see how it would look even. I have to do this!” So now, apparently, after years of just dreaming of this gorgeous dress that is in my head, I’m finally going to see it become a reality. I am beyond amazed and astounded, I’ve known this woman for years yet I’d never thought to ask her about it! How could I be so dense?! Without further ado, I’m going to share with you the magnificent glory that will become mine eventually.


I absolutely love the corset of this, only instead of an underbust, I would much prefer a full corset with the straps over the shoulders. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

With this dress, I love the cut of the neckline and the frill of the sleeves. The double ruffle with the lace around the upper arms cutoff before the elbows is absolutely gorgeous.

The sleeve style and length of this is what really makes the piece unique and gorgeous. The way it flows is something like what royalty would wear. It reminds me of Lady Marian and her elegant yet feminine style, with just a splash of royalty and decorum.


As some of you may have realized by now, I have a deep passionate love for purple, so obviously it would have to be purple, with some kind of pretty decorative black designs or something. Honestly, from here on, I’m leaving the decisions to Suze. She knows what she is doing! 


2 thoughts on “Lets Dress Up!

  1. scrolling through patterns this morning looking for the right corset pattern…and I have it..then started looking for a dress with that sweetheart neck..nope. DRAT IT ALL! I do, on the other hand have the third pattern from which to steal pieces. So tomorrow (yea for payday) I am ordering the last part..that sweetheart neckline part. I can already see it all completed in my head.

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