The Big Plan

I was given the idea for todays post by my friend, Angie. Her original idea, that I spun into a big picture post, was about a 5 or 10 year plan for my family. Now for those who know me, I’m OCD, so I can’t just plan one or two years or even a few years into the future. I have a game plan that will last us a lifetime, and it will guarantee the happiness of my children as well as my husband and I. So I’m going to give you a breakdown of what my plans that will lead to a better future are. 


Collectively my husband and I have approximately 14k in debt from college, and we’ve been dutifully paying off that debt over the past 4 going on 5 years. Just imagine how bad it used to be! The initial start to my plan starts with breaking down how we are going to pay off that debt, so that we can focus on other important things such as paying off the car and getting a loan for a house. I’ve estimated that it will take another 2 years (Beginning of 2019) before our school bills are paid and the car is nearly paid off. Once the car is nearly paid in full, we’re going to trade it in for another car, hopefully one with more room and more eco friendly. (We own a Prius C, because it’s cool.) 


By the beginning of 2018, we’re wanting to have the ideal house picked out so that when our lease ends around my husband’s vacation week during the summer, we can pack up and move in. Ideally, we’re looking at a minimum of 3 bedrooms and a 1.5 bath so that there’s plenty of space for our family. If we can stretch it, we’d like a 4 or 5 bedroom place so I can have my own study and a basement for his workout room! A nice fenced in yard wouldn’t hurt, but isn’t absolutely necessary, of course. One thing that is a must though is a washer&dryer hookup, because we go through a LOT of laundry!


I plan on homeschooling our children until they’re at least high school age, primarily due to the fact that too many schools promote religion. As an atheist, I find that each individual has a right to choose what path they decide to follow. If my children decide one day that they want to learn about religion, I will go the extra mile and get them one of every bible in english so that they can educate themselves about the different religions out there. When the time comes that they want to sit down and talk about what religion they find fits them, I will take the necessary action. As I always say, faith is a choice. It is an option that should never be squashed, regardless of my personal feelings towards the matter.


My goal for my husband is to get him on day shift, and eventually become a team lead or group lead which would solidify his hours and allow him time with the family. I’ve already worked at knocking out most of the debt in his name and we’re building his credit little by little in various different ways. His only true wants in life are time with his family and a car with a sun roof. I think we can definitely get that done!


By the year 2030, I want our family to be independant and self sufficient. Solar panels, windmills, whatever it takes to ensure we never have to pay for our own electricity. If we can store enough to help out our neighbors should we have a power outage, that would be awesome too! I plan to have a full blown bunker/shelter for severe weather, large enough to have food and drink for at least two weeks and enough of it that it could feed at least two extra families. After all, not everyone has a mind for preparedness! 


Somewhere in between now and 2030, I would like to be able to sew, cook, and bake like my mom used to. Probably sew things like what Suze makes, like beautiful flowing dresses and gowns. Though I would like to make custom jeans and shirts as well, along with skirts and such. If I could sew, I would be able to make sure my children always have whatever they want, clothing wise. Within reason, of course. With the power to sew comes a whole new world of opportunity, I would just need to figure out how to do stitching patterns so their clothing doesn’t look plain and boring. I’m a pretty decent cook, but I could do to learn a few new tricks! As for baking, I stink at it and was lucky I could so much as make home made cupcakes for my daughters birthday!


The year that my husband and I manage to find the place that holds our hearts, fits into our wallets, and can hold our family, we will be having a vow renewal as well as a potluck and house warming party. Why just have a vow renewal when you can have an awesome house warming party AND a potluck at the same time?!


These plans may not seem like much to most, but for me, it means the world. For my family, it means opportunities, happiness, and freedom. Do you have any plans or goals within the next ten years that you’d like to share? Feel free to comment below and tell me about your plans!


2 thoughts on “The Big Plan

  1. Honestly, I wish my own kids had such developed long term plans. Mine (and George’s since he’s in this life with me) is to have the house paid off by the time he retires at age 65. That’s only three years from now and totally possible. I want to build a large enough shed for him in the backyard so that he can set up his trains again and have a space dedicated to his hobbies.
    I want to visit every state and federal park, and camp in them that the state of Oklahoma has to offer.
    I want to physically meet some extremely special online people I know. That too shall occur sooner rather than later. it had better before the alzheimer’s starts and I forget who I want to meet and why! lol.

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    • Hahaha I’m a big picture kind of gal, for some reason I always have been. Just hard to really get it all together when you’ve got so many plans, you know? Haha!!! I know there are a few people I’d like to meet, one of them being you! 😛

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