The Death Of Grace

So many things have died off within the past few centuries. Such examples being dignity, self-respect, freedom of speech, the idealism behind true equality, and loyalty. That’s just to name a few. The death of these qualities and ideals, personality traits and ways of life has not been very graceful, not in the least. We have lost touch with our humanity, with each other, and with the rest of the world. We used to live prosperously, we loved unrelentingly, and we shared our hearts with others. Morals have taken a most unpleasant and far from graceful exit as we started destroying ourselves and everything that America once stood for.


Dignity and self-respect go hand in hand, yet so few still have either. We have scantily clad women walking the streets, shirtless men wandering aimlessly, pants sagging so far down that if it weren’t for their boxers/shorts underneath (thank goodness) we would be mooned every time we turned a corner. Skirts are so short these days that it may as well be part of a swimsuit, for as soon as a girl bends over you’ll see all that she was born with. No one wants to see those flaps of skin when they’re trying to dine with their family or loved one. If you have a nice tuckas, there’s a better way of showcasing it without showing it to the whole wide world dear.


Freedom of speech has for all purposes been squashed. Gone are the days when truth and honesty are praised, for you might hurt someones itty bitty tiny feelings. My entire life as a child I was teased and tormented, told I was an anorexic, told that I was a boy because only boys can have an adams apple. You know what? It didn’t phase me. Why? I grew up holding firm that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” My mother, though biased she may be, saw me to be a beautiful young girl, and my husband sees me as a beautiful lady. I say lady because a lady holds herself with decorum, dignity, is built of moral fiber and knows when to stand for what she believes in and when she has lost the war.


Feminism was once a great movement, striving for the betterment of women across the nation. They fought for the right for women to vote, to be able to work an honest job for a decent wage, for women to be more comfortable in their own skin. Now feminism has been working towards demoralizing women and shaming those who don’t agree with their movement. If you’re a lady against feminism, they say you’re part of the problem and that the patriarchy still thrives. The issue with this is that no matter how hard you push women, especially with families, you wont be able to make them budge. Any woman worth her guff would be happy to stay at home with her children, to do her parental duty to raise and teach her children. That isn’t to say men can’t do the same, but women have been doing it for centuries. We’re naturally hard wired to be more compassionate, more understanding, more women have higher empathy than most men. Biology and science have proven this, so unless women actually want to put off having a family in order to pursue a college degree in a S.T.E.M field, leave them be and let them be happy. I know I’m quite happy where I am right now, being a homemaker and stay at home mother.


Loyalty, on both sides of any relationship, has taken the most disturbing exit of all. Whether it be loyalty to ones nation, to ones family, or to ones spouse, loyalty’s exit from our country has been the least graceful of all. Our country is currently stuck in a divide between a man who has no loyalty to women and a woman who also has no loyalty to women. Be it his lude and sultry looks at his own daughter or his remarks about what he’d do with her if she weren’t his child, or her attacks against the women her husband slept with behind her back. A woman who claims to be a feminist, for the rights of women, to disparagingly destroy someone who claimed they were taken advantage of… That is the opposite of what feminism is supposed to be. To discredit victims of rape when defending someone they feel in their heart is a rapist, that is not what feminism is supposed to be.


We are literally looking at two people who will destroy the lives of millions, who are supposed to be the next POTUS. How did this even happen? One claims to want to “Make America Great Again” but doesn’t even pay taxes, and openly admitted as such while claiming he was SMART to not do so! The other seems to wish to make lives for women better, but her track record shows otherwise. Now I’m not terribly fond of Obama, but back in 2008, even he was against the idea of Hillary in the White House. What is America going to do next? I don’t really know, but I’d rather not have either of them as my POTUS.


14 thoughts on “The Death Of Grace

  1. Thank you for a heartfelt post.
    I know a lot of people feel this way. Its the same with my parents, they think that morals have taken a dive. May be they are right. I don’t have enough life experience to know. However, I have high hopes for my generation and those yet to come 🙂

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    • I have hope that generations to come will realize the need for open and honest dialog and that one day these “safe spaces” will be demolished to allow for honest to goodness real debates. Too often I have heard from college students how the experience has been stunted by the group’s who would wish to squash thought outside their own. Dissenting opinions can be so as to even be considered hand gestures of disagreement which have resulted in the expulsion of good hard working students who just want to thrive.

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  2. Feminism is still fine – it’s people today that are the problem.
    Everyone is so touchy these days you can’t mention anything without upsetting someone.
    I have a few feminist friends and they keep posting things along the lines of:
    If you say mention men being raped you’re creating a distraction from feminism! (actually, feminism wasn’t even part of the conversation)
    It’s a little hard to do anything with them without being criticised in some regard :/
    Sometimes it’s justified but most of the time it’s not.
    Very disheartening.

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    • The original coalition for women’s rights was indeed fine, however most people who claim to be feminists in this day and age are no longer striving for equal treatment or women’s rights. Now it is just as bad as the presidential debacle we have before us. They belittle men and attack women who think for themselves.

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