Values Indeed!

Strangely enough, even though I had about a billion ideas (sorry for the over exaggeration) of what to write about for today’s Prompt, I decided I would do short snippets of the things I find pertinent.


The value of life has been diminished to the point where those who we love can barely be protected. Often I see headlines or hear from friends in different countries about their loved ones being accosted, them unable to do a thing to stop it. These attacks being facilitated by either gangs, mobs, rogue cops, cartel members, or extremists of religious and non-religious factions. The fact that we cannot stop these attacks has devalued the value of human life. Rapists run free, murderers abound, and muggers and domestic abusers are left unattended. It hurts to hear these stories, to read them in headlines, it breaks my heart.


The value of marriage and monogamy has clearly left the building as we watch couples that have been together for years suddenly split apart, forgetting the vows of “Till Death Do Us Part”, to which I hold to the highest degree. Granted, one cheating on the other would leave a sour taste in ones mouth. My husband and I came up with a way around a divorce in such a situation! We both promised the other that instead of a divorce, the one who cheated would be killed. Drastic, I know. Considering we both love each other dearly even after being together almost 5 years, we both still have the world’s biggest crush on each other in fact! We both promised the other when we started our relationship that we wanted something real, something permanate, someone with whom we could spend the rest of our lives together with without desiring to run for the hills. Thus far, nearly 5 years in, we still cannot get enough of one another.


Family values have been diminished along side the values of a marriage. Often times children are ripped apart from one of the parents or both, depending on the circumstances. Such an incident has happened to me, and for three years I have felt the wound in my heart that nothing can ever fill. Meals together as a family have been destroyed for technology and dinners in front of a television instead of being had around a big table fit for a proper home cooked feast. What once was a pillar of family togetherness has been demolished and minimalised. Family outtings often being accompanied by technology, each face both little and big, nose deep in a mobile telephone or a tablet for the conviences of silence and uninterrupted solitude.ย 


The value of friendship has been lost in me as I have grown, holding so few near and dear enough to me to even consider calling them a friend indeed. I have only two whom I would call my best friend, someone I know I can count on no matter what should happen to me. These two solid pillars in my life being my mother and my husband, as they are there at any time of the day should I ever need them. Sure I have others I deem my friends, but none with whom I talk with on a daily basis, none who would fret should I not be reachable. I don’t doubt that they care for me, or that those friends would do their best to help me in any way possible. The few I deem my friend though, I value with my life. I love them as though we had known each other for our entire lives. Probably why I keep so few close to my heart, I’ve been told as we grow older we become cynical and often second guess peoples intentions when they enter our lives. So far, I can with good conscience, concur with this statement.ย 


I would like to however hear from you, dear readers, about some of what you value most in your life. Or perhaps there are values you think this modern day is lacking too? Feel free to tell me all about it in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.


9 thoughts on “Values Indeed!

  1. I value my family the most. My relations are my top priority.
    But recently I found myself more dedicated towards my dreams, which I feel is quite normal in my age, or maybe not. Whatever it is I am developing likeness for this phase of mine. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Glad to know we’re on the same boat. My husband and mom are the only best friends I have too. I have acquaintances. But a best friend for me is someone who would stand for me when I am not there or when I could not stand on my own. This is how I value real friendship.

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  3. The things I husband, George. he is my best friend, my confidant, my biggest supporter, my love. I honestly do not know how I would survive without him…especially since he has been a huge part of my life for over 50 years. My friend Angie, who I know would go to the ends of the Earth for me (and has already done so). Her husband Garry…who is also always there and willing to do anything I need.
    My sons. neither of whom live at home, haven’t seen in years but speak to or write regularly. I would do anything I could for them. I value my intellect and my morals. Without them I would not be the person I am. I value other friendships..those online and around the world.

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    • You and I are like kindred spirits, I swear it. I didn’t mention morals or intellect mainly because I’ve written about morals a lot lately and while I find I am intelligent, I admit there are still many things I don’t know and many more I would like to learn of.

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