Childhood Misadventures

Strangely enough the first thing that came to mind when looking at today’s prompt was “Gosh, every tree in the world is overworked, giving all us lazy animals air all the time. I wonder if they ever get a break!” After a few minutes of wondering, I was then drawn to the story of The Giving Tree, which sent me down a whole other spiral! I mean, what all can one really say about a tree?


After a while of thinking, I remembered a long way back when I was just a kid. Not sure if it was reality or a dream, but I thought I’d share it anyhow. My mom had put me in a dress, I can’t recall the color of it but I’m pretty certain it was a white dress. For anyone who is a tomboy, you know how disastrous it is to even be in a dress let alone a white one!


I don’t recall if there was an occasion for the dress or not, but I do remember that the complex we lived in was called Lone Oak Apartments, and we lived right next door to a 7-11. By the entrance gate of our little community was the one and only Lone Oak that our community’s name was derived from. I’d often fancied myself a climb, as many tomboys are want to do. This day was no different, I was determined that I would ruin the dress somehow. As I climbed the tree, there was a army gentleman who lived on the top story of the complex who had just stepped outside. He was the father of one of my on again off again best friends in the entire world. He simply watched as I climbed the tree, though I imagine he was muttering under his breath at the fact that once again I was daring to do what no kid my age should have been attempting.


I had gotten into the little squatters part of the tree, right before it branched off in three different directions with thick trunks. I had been practicing this feat for some while, and the dress wasn’t about to get in my way! I climbed up, up, up the tree, bracing myself between the two closest parts of the trunk. Feet on one side, back against the other, I managed to make it to the first sturdy branch. Triumphant and proud of myself, I struck a pose even though no one other than the gentleman upstairs was around. I began climbing further, up the branches and found the final fork in the tree. I knew that it would allow me to resume the arduous task of feet against tree, back against the other side. As I got into position, I’d somehow lost my footing. Perhaps it was those dratted dress shoes! 


Suddenly down, down, down I tumbled. As I was falling I could hear the man upstairs let out a startled cry of shock. I slid down the entire side of the tree, tearing up my dress. Not quite sure what happened to my shoes, or if they were even on me when I got to the ground with a thud. I just remember laying there in pain, bark all over my outfit and some had dug into my skin. Most of what happened after I landed, I only have hazy recollection of. I remember that the man had somehow gone from being upstairs to picking me up, his face unmistakable even in my distressed situation. I’m pretty certain he carried me home because a few moments later, I remember seeing my mom’s face, horror stricken and riddled with grief. What happened after seeing my mom though, I don’t remember. I am not sure if I blacked it out from pain, or if it’s merely a very vivid dream, but I remember it like it happened yesterday and just thinking of it is causing my side to burn with pain!


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