Oh The Wonders

My dear friend Suze’ husband Poor George came up with the idea behind this post, and it is indeed a post worth posting! Traveling with children, especially young children, is a mighty energy drainer! Both mentally and emotionally, especially if you have young children that for some inexplicable reason don’t enjoy being in the car! I often dread long car rides for this exact reason.


My youngest daughter seems to hate the car, with the fierce passion of a billion suns. Whenever we are in the car for longer than an hour, she seems to either fall asleep or lose her ever loving mind. In such a case, we had gone up a state in order to spend time with family. We had brought some toys to entertain the girls, though Marie thought we brought toys for her to steal from her sister. Epic sibling rivalry battle taking place in the back seat, us being on the interstate between different states. 


I remember with little to no fondness finding myself yelling at them to stop screaming in the back seat as they played an epic and never ending game of tug-of-war. At the time we had two LeapPals puppies, a Violet for Marie and a Scout for Celeste. The nightmare had begun when Marie stole a scout and Celeste was hell bent and determined to get it back into her arms. Little did I know though, Celeste had stolen Marie’s Violet puppy in retaliation on top of trying to steal back her Scout.


I think the part that drove me the most bonkers was that the whole time we were in the car, from the moment we pulled out of our complex, the kids kept hollering “Gramma Papaws house!” until I finally lost it and told them in a louder than intended voice, “WE ARE NOT GOING TO GRANDMA AND GRANDPAS HOUSE!” I usually try to keep my cool but after over half an hour of them yelling the same thing over and over, I lost my cool. It was less than pleasant.


Sadly these occurances are more and more frequent. We can’t even go to the grocery store without it turning into a fiasco! If there were anything I could hope for when it comes to traveling with children, it would be that they sleep the whole darn car ride. Save everyone some mental and emotional anguish!


2 thoughts on “Oh The Wonders

  1. George just said “at least she doesn’t do what MY mom did and feed us all cough syrup to make us sleepy before we left!”. Hang in there hun..they grow so fast. this will pass, I promise. not the arguments, but the swiping toys part. (George just said) “she sure writes a good post!”

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