Borders? Oh No.

Uhg today’s Prompt has brought me back to the focus of the American POTUS Nominees. I tried to think of pleasant border related topics like the borders of the cute puppy portraits or family portraits or Doctors Without Borders, but I don’t really have any photos with borders. Nor do I know much about Doctors Without Borders! Then I tried to steer my thinking to international borders but I don’t really know too much about those either. 


People board planes but boarding and border are two totally different topics! I actually know something about boarding a plane, I’ve been on one before! Actually three, because my flight had 2 layovers. It was fascinating really, because I was traveling alone across country to a new start. I had to ride a bus to get to the airport, but I had to take two different buses to get there. Thankfully I could pack my life into one large suitcase! It wasn’t even completely full, as I tend to love a minimalists life. 


What was the topic again? Oh yea, dreaded borders… I have nothing pleasant to say about borders… 


Oh wait! I traveled across a border when I was a teen! I was smuggled into Canada to go to a Canadian hockey game back when I was a runaway for 6 months, or was it a tear? I don’t fully recall. While was a fugitive of the state, time seemed to not exist. The hockey game was awesome though and the Canadians were really nice. I don’t recall where in Canada I had been, but I got to see a guy take a hockey puck to the face! It was brutal! 


Have you ever crossed a border? Tell me about your adventures below! Links to a blog about crossing a border are welcome!

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