Don’t Go To Bed

There is one thing that many have difficulties with, we all end up having them with those around us. Be it about lifestyle choices, career decisions, things to study, vocations, habits and hobbies, who to marry, we all have faced having an argument. The worst part of life is when one has an argument with their significant other, a close family member or a friend. When it comes to one’s significant other, it makes for a dreadful time. It can ruin a day, a week, a month, or even the marriage as a whole.


I read before that people don’t feel compromise isn’t a necessary part of a relationship, but what about when not compromising causes an argument that could potentially destroy the relationship as a whole? Would one still be brash and bullheaded when faced with the potential of losing the person they love? Would they let the passion in their marriage fall apart over an argument instead of coming together to come to an equal compromise between the two of them? I was told at a young age, the true key to have a happy marriage is never go to bed angry. So long as you work out whatever argument you have or had with your loved one before you go to bed, the world would be well again when you woke up.


A little compromise to end an argument, so long as it is intended in good will and both parties agree to it, in my personal opinion, it’s a good thing. It helps the two grow closer together, as they realize the relationship isn’t just about one of them or the other. It’s about the two of them coming together to create a family unit. No matter how much passion two people might have for one another, an argument with no resolution can bring the world shattering down around them.

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