A Partnership Of Kinds

Over the years my husband and I have literally taken turns taking care of each other and our individual needs to the best of our abilities. Before we were even married, we often found ourselves taking care of the other. There were times when he needed me desperately like one night before we were married, before we were even engaged and had gone for a jog for fun. Out of the blue he started having hives pop up out of no where. We managed to make it home in time enough before it got too bad and I made him take a long soak in some Aveeno colloidal oatmeal skin protectant bath treatment while forcing him to take benadryl. Within minutes the reaction faded away and he was fine. Disaster was averted.


There are times where he has taken care of me, like when I had managed to catch a stomach bug that was making me sick from all ends. I was a wreck and absolutely besides myself with misery. He helped take care of me, brought me chicken soup and cleaned out my sick bucket whenever I would pass out from exhaustion. He stayed by my side and even took a day off from work to make sure I was okay. 


The reason I bring this up is because once more I find myself needing my husband, who has loved me through thick and thin, with unwavering devotion and care. My throat started to feel scratchy earlier on in the night. It is now baring down on 1am and my lymph nodes and tonsils are swollen, the scratchiness of my throat has gotten worse. As soon as my husband hears this, he is off to the store to pick something up to hopefully help me feel better. 


That is what a relationship is. That is what marriage is about. True and never ending love is about being there for the one you love, it is about being by their side through thick and thin. A marriage is complicated and you’re guaranteed to have an argument here and there, but so long as you stick it through… You can overcome anything. Don’t let a tiff here or there break you apart, let it help build you stronger. 


Real love is hard to come by, so don’t let it slip through your fingers. I don’t know where the following quote comes from, but I personally find it very true.


Love hard, forgive easily, and always treasure each other.

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