A Home Of Dreams – The Basement

Suze brought the idea up of “describe your dream home..what colors, what rooms are there, where is it located”, to which I honestly have probably put more thought into than what I wanted my dream wedding to be like! I’ve often fantasized and altered what I thought my dream home would look like. I’ve changed how many rooms I wanted, how much kitchen I needed, how much counter space was mandatory. I’ve even altered how large I wanted it often! I’ll do my best to paint a vivid image in your mind of my current desires for a “Dream Home”, as Suze requested.


I see my dream home as a large home with two stories and a full walk in basement. The basement would be furnished as a secondary living space, the far end of it turned into a bunker which would extend under the backyard, coming out to an opening through a shed at the back of the property. In order to get into the bunker, you would have to go through the live-in basement or the hatch in the shed. The bunker would be kept stocked with fresh supplies, the walls lined with canned goods so that they would only ever have to be replaced once or twice a year. There would be three lines of shelving covering the three back walls of the bunker, to ensure there is plenty to last. Any time that the year comes to a close and we haven’t used any of the food in the storage, it would be donated to a shelter.


In a corner of the bunker, there would be at least a half-dozen kegs of fresh water, to ensure that if there is ever a drought, we have plenty of water saved up. Near the exit of the bunker storage area would be a kitchen area with a stove, some pots and pans, a sink and extra trash bags in the cabinet below. Against the wall just beyond the stove would be an extra power generator and a stock of extra power cells, to ensure there is plenty of electricity to last, should a disaster strike. Throughout the bunker would be lights with stained glass bulbs colored by the children and I, to bring a little cheer during potential dreary times.


When you walk away from the bunker area into the main area of the basement, there would be a large sit-in living room fully furnished with a large couch, a few chairs and a chaise lounge. It would have a projector mounted on the ceiling with a large projector screen covering the back wall of the basement to watch movies on and a full surround sound system, speakers on each wall and a subwoofer under the projector itself. Spare blankets would be stored in a closet off to the side from the entertainment center, along with pillows and some stove top popcorn on the top shelf.


There would be three doors in the basement, one leading upstairs, one leading to a single toilet and washroom, and the final door leading out to a large bedroom with its own master bathroom. The bedroom itself would be large, with a king size bed up against the wall separating the bedroom from the bathroom. There would be a quaint little nightstand separating the bathroom door and the bed from eachother with a floral touch lamp. The bed would have a gorgeously luxurious red satin blanket/comforter that could be reversed to black. Against the wall opposite the bed would be a large television screen hooked up to a VHS/DVD/BluRay combo player. Along the walls would be little lights shaped like roses that could be flicked on or off either beside the bed or at the door leading to the living room.


The bathroom would have a large bathtub, clawfoot style with ornate little carvings of roses and flowers. A nice little quaint toilet, a bath mat colored red would be by the tub. There would be a large standing shower with sliding doors. Opposite the large bathtub would be a double sink with vanity mirror. Hanging from the ceiling would be three daisy lights, giving off soft hues of light to fill the room.


As much as I’d love to continue, I’ll save the first floor for tomorrow! Hope I’ve painted a pretty decently vivid picture for you so far!


2 thoughts on “A Home Of Dreams – The Basement

  1. ya know…I like the bunker idea. Where we live tornadoes are an extreme possibility and that would be really handy to have. As it is we have a week’s worth of water and foods in a centralized location (just in case) Most people hear the word bunker and think “oh lordie a survivalist-prepper-nutjob” and they shouldn’t. Prepping for emergencies is just plain common sense. We may not be waiting for a zombie apocalypse, but a natural disaster and those can occur at any time. and ohhhh, I miss my clawfoot tub. that’s honestly the only thing I miss from my old Texas house!

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    • Yea, I personally am a preparedness nutjob, and I don’t mind being called one. I want a bunker, fully stocked to the brim. Why? Because natural disasters can occur anywhere and everywhere. How else do we expect to survive if we only prepare hours before a disaster strikes? I mean seriously, common sense dictates that you should ALWAYS have a backup plan!

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