Authentically You

Each of us are born to strive to do something great with ourselves. Be it small ripples in a big pond, or a giant splash that creates large waves. The key to finding what you’re destined to do is to keep to the original. I find that losing the original individual is what turns people into what everyone calls “sheeple”, because they lose their individuality, the core of their personality. Try to always keep in touch with the original you, even if it’s just a short break from the days stressors.


If we lose touch with who we were and focus more on who we are to become, we forget our roots and where we come from. We start forgetting to send postcards, or call every once in awhile. Sure college can be fun, what with the partying and all. Is it really worth throwing away old relationships though? The people we grow up with help shape us into who we become, they helped to mold us from mere blobs of clay. I know I for one would have many people to thank if I ever became famous. I might not be in contact with them all, but I still remember them.

4 thoughts on “Authentically You

  1. Deep but I am not sure I agree. Some old relationships turn people into something that they were never meant to be. If it is a relationship with a bad person you have been manipulated into something that was never originally in you. You are what the other person wanted you to be. That is not original.
    In my opinion you never stop finding yourself. Learning to trust what was good and what was not, and then being able to break free from the bad, that is when you are able to do something great. That is when you really know yourself. And that usually comes with age.

    But I totally agree with people losing their roots and breaking contact with people that matter. I would just say – be selective.

    That is just my humble opinion :).

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    • It is true that there are bad people we come into contact with, but usually those relationships don’t last. With each negative bump we come across, it teaches us something and helps shape us into who we are to become. Without the foundation of our being, those who helped us learn and grow, we wouldn’t be able to tell when a seasonal person enters our life and when they leave. I feel these bad people with their bad mentality are intended to be seasonal people, not permanates.


    • I thoroughly enjoyed reading that article, thank you for sharing it with me! I am a believer in “congruence”, that we can become whatever we so should like so long as we strive for and are surrounded by others who support such decisions. In some cases, those without the moral support of their peers or family can still achieve their goals. It is not as frequent though, as a lack of support can often deteriorate a person’s perception of what they can and cannot achieve.

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