A Home Of Dreams – The 1st Floor

Hello and welcome to the second installment of Suze’s prompt for me, “describe your dream home..what colors, what rooms are there, where is it located”!! Since I went into such depth about my basement / bunker, I thought I’d give the other areas of the house their own post too!


Going upstairs into the main house from the basement’s living room, you would be entering the utility room fully equipped with an industrial sized washer and dryer duo set. There would be a folding table along with a full rack of hangers waiting to be used next to the dryer for convenience. The walls would be a bright lemon yellow, with flowers painted by the children as high as they could reach. I imagine this area would be constantly in use, so there would be baskets of laundry with pieces of clothes strewn about. The laundry soap and dryer sheets would be in their own baskets on a ledge jutting out from the wall between the washer and the door that leads to the back porch, just below a large window outlooking the backyard. If you were to go the opposite direction, heading away from the back porch, you’d find yourself coming around a wall and out into the kitchen.


Now the kitchen would be my queenly domain. My dream house would have a large open kitchen, no stupid dishwasher, but instead oodles of counter space as far as the eyes could see! I would need plenty of light in there so there would be at least three hanging lights with energy efficient bulbs and a few touch-lights that you push to give extra light should it be needed. It would have an eco-friendly low-energy electrically efficient fridge with doors that opened away from the fridge and a drawer for the freezer. Black, with red handles. My counter tops would be of the most gorgeous red marble, while the cabinets and cupboards would be black with red knobs. I’d of stenciled little designs on each cabinet to make them unique, either with purple paint or maybe lime green. Depends what hits my fancy. In the kitchen would be a large glass sliding door that leads to the main of the back porch patio, right after the sliding door would be the fridge/freezer, then would come at least three feet of countertop. When the countertop reaches the wall, there would be the stove. I would need a five burner stove top with a double oven and a microwave over top, at minimum. I bet you can already guess what colors it’d be too! Yup, black with red finish and handle!


As you’d be walking out into the dining room, you’d pass by the sink and the island countertop in the middle of the kitchen, because you can never have enough counter space! The kitchen island would have it’s own outlets, and that is where my coffee pot would be. The blender would be on the island too, for quick easy access. The last stretch of the wall before entering the dining room would have more counter space, but would be cluttered with papers, odds and ends, along with my griddle, my crock pot, my can opener, and my mini-blender. The section of wall where the opposite side leads to the living room would be a breakfast bar with 4 stools sitting at the ready. Why else would I have my griddle there?


Now the dining room would be a vastly large room because it’s a split of a dining room and a living room. Where the two rooms meet would be the front door. All my floors would be hardwood by the way, and not that shabbily put together hardwood but the real nice and treated hardwood floors that way they don’t scuff easily. The dining room would have a large beautiful mahogany table, square shaped so everyone has equal spacing and no one ends up feeling put out. It would be able to comfortably seat at least 8 people and still have plenty of room for food to be on display in the middle of the table, that way no one has to get out of their seat if they want seconds or something to drink. There would be a beautiful chandelier over the table to give a feeling of ambience, with a dial instead of a switch so you can control how much light is in the room.


The living room and the dining room would be separated by a large couch facing the wall which would have a giant projector screen on it like in the basement living room. I imagine the couch having blankets over the back of it from many a movie nights. The couch would be like the one I own now, black little feet with white base and black cushions, accompanied by some solid black and some white and black patterned pillows. Then there would be two laz-e-boy chairs on either side of the couch and following that, against the wall by the front door would be a little love seat. There would be lamps between the couch and the chairs and one final lamp at the far end in the corner by the love seat, to give it a nice feel. Speakers would be tacked up in the ceiling corners along the walls to give it theater quality sound. Why watch a movie if you can’t have good quality, right?


Off from the living room and behind the utility room would be the downstairs restroom and then the playroom which would double as a sleep-over room for the kids. It would be decorated with flowers, butterflies, lady bugs, dragonflies, and frogs everywhere! I envision this room also being highly used, at least two toy chests in the room filled with odds and ends toys, a little futon bed and a folded up air mattress for sleepovers and such. The larger toys would be stored away in the closet when not in use, though I don’t see it being tidy very often!


Alas, this is all I’m giving you for today on my dream home. Is the image vivid enough yet for you? It certainly is for me!


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