Trip, Drop, Slice

I’ve done many a stupid and clumsy things in my life, not unlike many others out there in the world. Though often I had an adept way with balancing acts and cat like reflexes, it doesn’t help if you’re clumsier than an oaf. I have found myself one too many times being the latter, and I’d like to share with you an epic retelling of such a misfortune of mine.


One day, shortly after my husband and I had moved into our new home, I was going down the stairs. As I was going down the stairs, I appeared to have tripped over absolutely nothing other than my own two feet. I caught myself about midway and tried another go at it, tripping again almost immediately! I landed at the bottom of the stairs on my bottom with a loud resounding thud. It was only the beginning of my day and already I’ve hurt myself!


Rubbing my now sore back side, I went into the kitchen to start preparing the kids breakfast before getting them downstairs. I had gotten up early to make applesauce pancakes, which entailed me peeling them cutting and coring a few apples.


Clumsy me just had to drop that peeler enough times that one time when it dropped, it landed just right and sliced off a small thin layer of skin on my toe. My big toe to be precise. It wasn’t a bad cut at least, I remember consoling myself. It wasn’t until I was cutting the apple up into pieces and getting ready to core it that the real doozy happened. I managed to slice myself on the index finger I was using to hold the apple steady. After several minutes of running water, a band aid, along with some extreme perseverance, I had managed to finally finish making the kids their applesauce pancakes.


Gleefully I dashed up the stairs, certain that my horribly clumsy day wouldn’t ruin what could still be a perfect day. *smack* I tripped again, and face planted into the upstairs landing. The kids however taught me a new fun way of going down the stairs that ensures you can’t fall! Sliding down on your bottom!

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