Jack Be Nimble

Jack be quick! Jack jump over the candlestick! Seriously, that’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw today’s Daily Prompt, “Candle“. 

Image result for jack be nimble jack be quick jack jump over the candlestick


This got me thinking about nursery rhymes, and I was sitting there thinking to myself, “Why don’t I read nursery rhymes to the kids? To be quite honest, I don’t know why I don’t read nursery rhymes to the kids. I read all kinds of other sorts of books to them on a nightly basis, but I’ve never really had any nursery rhyme books to read them.


Why not just get all kinds of books that I used to read as a kid? I used to love all sorts of odd books. One of my favorites was RL Stein’s Goosebumps books. I had so many of those, oh and Baby Sitters Club books! Though I started out on Ramona Quimby books before I got that far. My first book that I remember clearly was Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon, but I’m certain that’d be too mature for my girls since it’s about a third-grader. Then I remember the Ramona Quimby books and her sister Beezus, one of my favorites was Wayside School. 


I didn’t care for school really though, my favorite subjects being P.E and Language Arts & Literature. Social Studies was a nightmare, Math I was good at but I couldn’t stand the teachers. Especially when they dismissed my magnificent belch and blamed it on another boy! That sure t-eed me off! 


I think I’ve become off track from the original beginnings of whatever it was I was writing… I think it was something about candles? I like candles, they smell nice. Not really much to say about them though. 

9 thoughts on “Jack Be Nimble

  1. I think we read Nursery rhymes to kids because they sound musical, are easy to remember, use words the tiny ones understand and have big pretty pictures we can show to the kids. Once you start reading them to the kids you will begin hearing them recite those rhymes. They’ll get them totally wrong the first few times which means it is a great opportunity to show them “playtime’ can also mean “reading time” by grabbing the book and reading it again. yea, candles are cool. lol

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  2. It was a shame that your belch didn’t get the recognition it deserved. My favourite subject at school was English. I was crappest at P.E. and was always picked last, with much eye-rolling from anyone who was stuck with me. Good times.

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