A Home Of Dreams – 2nd Floor

A continuation of Suze’s request, describing my dream home. I couldn’t just describe it in one post, I’ve way too many details I want to divulge! Okay, so from the living room there would be a stairwell that led upstairs, that’s how you’d find the 2nd floor of my humble abode. I’d have it look like it didn’t exist though, somehow. Like they do in trick houses where there are walkways between walls but you can’t find them unless you know what you’re looking for.


The first thing you’d notice as you go upstairs is the LACK of creaking and groaning as you walk, even if you were a behemoth weighing in at over 400lbs. Once you reach the landing, you’ll be greeted by a wide turn as you face a window that outlooks the side of the backyard. Turning around and looking down the hall, you would find yourself staring down a giant hallway.


The first door you’d find would be Celeste’s room, with a little plaque on the door that said her name. There would be wings of past costumes on her door pinned up, little ladybug wings here and there. The door itself would be speckled with purple polka dots on a bright hot pink background. If you dared to turn the ancient handle and enter the room, you would find yourself greeted by bright vibrant hues of pinks, purples, greens, and yellows. There would be a little book nook overlooking the backyard with a study desk in the corner. The bed would be a 4 poster princess canopy bed dressed in trills of pinks ranging from pastel to hot pink. I imagine she would have the bed all tousled and messy looking constantly, as she is the big mess maker right now.


Leaving her room and heading further down the hall the next door would be the bathroom the girls share. It would have pink and purple towels with tie dye bath mat in front of the tub. They’d have a tub that has a curtain covered in fairies, dragonflies, butterflies, and pixies. There would be a sink, absolutely cluttered with hair ties, hair bows, toothpaste and barrettes. Their toothbrushes would be neatly held in a caddy, the only tidy part of their bathroom! I imagine the floor would constantly have towels and clothing strewn around.


Traveling back into the large hallway, you realize you’ve not seen a single door on the left hand side. This seems puzzling, but onward you continue anyways. Soon you find Marie’s bedroom which has beautiful butterflies plastered all over it. Painted butterflies, butterfly stickers, and those fun little wall stickies that aren’t quite stickers of butterflies. She even managed to spell her name using small butterfly stickers! You can barely make out a rich purple paint behind all the decorations. As you turn the doorknob, your eyes are met with what can only be considered an obsession.


There are owls, butterflies, ladybugs, caterpillars, fireflies, and frogs galore all over her walls. There is no paint, just thousands upon thousands of stickers and wall stickies and hand drawn bugs and critters everywhere. The most disturbing part is none of them even have a specific color pattern, it’s just kind of all over the place. The rest of her room is rather strangely tidy, compared to her walls and door. Her clothing nicely hung, her dresser tucked in neatly by the door. I can see her bed being made, covered with a giant comforter with a big butterfly presented on top. Her ceiling would be covered in glow in the dark stars, surrounding the large light in her room. The nook for school work is tidy and put away, chair neatly pushed under the table. Reading nook has a blanket folded with the current book she is reading nestled on top with a bookmark hanging from within the pages.


Going further down the hall after closing Marie’s door, you finally find the one and only door on the left side of the hall. Pushing the door open your eyes would be greeted with a large bed up against the wall, bedside tables of varying style on either side. One bedside table has a standing tablet on it, the other has a folding laptop/tablet on it, both plugged up and charging. The walls are opaque, but you get the feeling it isn’t always this way. If you shut off the lights, it glows. The bed itself has a simple but comfy red and black fuzzy blanket, two pillows. A body pillow is on the floor by the standing tablet. The far wall opposite the bed has a door next to the tall dresser, which has knick knacks and such stacked on top of it.


The closet holds on one side his clothing, nicely organized and separated by work clothes and regular clothes, work shoes, dress shoes, and regular tennis shoes. The opposite side has my clothes, from nice pants and shirts to some tattered pants and yoga pants. There’s a couple of pairs of heels and a pair of tennis shoes. Not much to write home about, but I tend to enjoy more of a minimalist’s wardrobe.


The door next to the dresser leads to a large master bathroom with a big bath tub that resembles a hot tub or jacuzzi. Off in a corner is another closet that has finery and frippery, fancy shoes for him and I, along with a couple of finely pressed suits and a few fancy dresses all in dry cleaning bags. At the far end of the bathroom is a tall wide standing shower with sliding doors. Heading back towards the beginning of the bathroom is the toilet, properly sitting beside the large tub. Then by the toilet is a large double sink with his and hers tooth brush caddies, tooth pastes, hand soaps and so on. A large mirror covers the wall from the beginning of the sinks counter to the ceiling with pretty little staind glass patterns along the edges.


And that my dear friends is what I imagine my dream house’s 2nd floor to be like. Did I paint a vivid enough portrait for you? I certainly hope I did!


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