Once A Socialite

As a child, I had many friends. I was considered a social butterfly. I remember my first phone I ever had was absolutely chock full of phone numbers. I would always go over my texting limits, which drove my mom absolutely batty. Back then, unlimited texting wasn’t as common, so any overage I made had to be paid for. I had so many people talking to me at any given time that I had actually learned how to text without looking at my phone. Considering text messages have a maximum limit of characters, along with my absolute refusal to use “text speak”, I’m certain we can all see why I always went over my texting limits!


As I began growing older and as some would call it, wiser, I realized these people I surrounded myself with weren’t really my friends. Whenever something went wrong, they weren’t anywhere to be found. These so-called people didn’t care when something bad happened, they only cared that I was there for them to help them pick up their pieces. I often felt that the only way to be popular was to be a giver, constantly giving myself whenever a friend was in need. With age though came the understanding that a real friend, a friend worth their guff at least, would be there for you as you’ve been there for them. Not just in good times but bad as well, they would share in your downfalls with ice cream, popcorn, bad movies and lots of soda. Playing video games while trash talking who ever or what ever it was that got you upset to begin with.


It was after this realization that I begun to see that my trust in others had been misplaced. Sure, they say in order to earn trust it must be given. The question is if neither party trusts the other, how can trust begin to form? So I began living life as an open book. Whenever people ask me a question, I answer. If I don’t know and have no opinion on the matter due to lack of knowledge, I’ll honestly let you know. If I don’t know a lot of facts about it but have an opinion of it, I will tell you my opinion and let you know that it’s merely my opinion. Now if you have questions about something I’m knowledgeable of that I’ve extensively informed myself over, I’ll give you facts, statements, quotes, as well as my opinion. That’s in essence how I deal with people anymore, facts and opinions based on what facts I can gather.


This is probably part of why I only have 25 people on my facebook along with only 10 or so contacts in my phone I would consider friends. In fact, I have 1 friend on my facebook from my high school years. Only one. She’s the only solid person I knew back in school and I’m grateful I met her. 

14 thoughts on “Once A Socialite

  1. Good friends are hard to find. I have been through the same as you. I keep my circle very small. If you can adleast have one good friend, you’re good to go!😊

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  2. I have 13 friends on my facebook and I have never been happier. I am also undergoing this gadget-detox so I have barely 4 phone numbers on a paper somewhere but I know I can call these numbers any time!!

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  3. When I was younger, I was considered a social butterfly too.
    I was much younger then, and a lot less mature.
    Today, I have very few people I would actually consider friend – so i know exactly how you feel.
    It comes down to time, energy, like interests and personality really.
    I do, however, have a very large acquaintance pool.

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