Hip Hip Hooray ! Happy Birthday!

So today is my youngest daughter Celeste’s birthday! I’ve been waiting for today for the past couple of weeks. I’m absolutely ecstatic with joy that today is finally here! To be honest, I’m such a bubbly bundle of emphatic joy that waiting for her to get up from nap time is practically killing me! The reason for my excitement? I have presents that urgently need to be taken out of hiding so I can hide more Christmas presents!


For the past month or so, my mom has been splurging on presents for both the kids. Birthdays, Christmas, the likes. So it is detrimental to my sanity that I finally get to give my kids at least a COUPLE of their presents before I lose my ever loving mind! Has got to be the worst part of being a parent, in my mind! The waiting to give my kids their presents that I so desperately want to give them the moment I get my hot little hands on them! As urgent as my need is to unload myself of these presents though, I made my mommy a promise. I’d do it once she was off work so she too could enjoy seeing the delight and joy on her face when she sees her birthday gifts.


Either way, today is a day of happiness and joy! So I won’t be around the blogosphere too much today. Take care and hope you all have a wonderful day!


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