Intriguing Creatures

For the past few days, I’ve been watching some of the critters that live in my area. We have bats, birds of varying types and sizes, we have a whole bunch of squirrels, but most curiously we have seen a sudden burst in chipmunks! On Monday I decided I was going to do a little experiment to see just where these little critters were going. They seemed to be popping up from everywhere, yet I’d never really seen them until this year. At least not in the mass volume I’ve seen them here lately!


Now, I suspected that they lived underground. The first clue to that was the fact that we learned about animals that lived in the ground in school, but I’d not seen any areas for these critters to burrow and create homes. Sunday night, early Monday morning, I set out two clumps of unsalted assorted nuts by the front bumper of my car, thinking the squirrels would most likely get them instead but with the hope that the chipmunks would get their fair share. I however was not prepared for the adorable sight that I saw come Monday morning after I’d woken up.


My usual routine is get up, brush my teeth, get myself straightened out then wake the kids for breakfast. Do dishes and any other menial cleanup that is necessary, then feed the kids and grab myself my first cup of coffee and a cigarette. When I went outside for my cigarette, sitting idly on my porch like normal, there was a chipmunk hunkered down on top of the pile of assorted nuts. It was literally sitting there, on the pile, stuffing pieces and bits into its cheeks. Once it would have a couple cheeks full, it scurried off! Not wanting to deter the chipmunk, I kept sitting there watching and waiting. Sure enough it came back out of hiding seconds later. It apparently made its burrow in my neighbors cross patch of overgrown flowers!


It perched itself on a rock that was part of a pathway leading to my neighbors porch, sitting perfectly on the edge as it cleaned itself. It seemed to look around for a moment, then scurried back to the pile and resumed sitting on it while stuffing it’s adorable little cheeks. It kept this pattern of scurrying to and fro for a while, going underground and coming back until suddenly another chipmunk showed up. Seemingly from out of nowhere too! The first chipmunk sat on the rock as another chipmunk came scurrying along the cement area connecting my home to my neighbors.


When the new chipmunk was about halfway to me, the one sitting on the rock lunged into attack mode! I was startled by this sudden ferocity, being as I’d never really seen any of the chipmunks fight before. It was almost as if the first chipmunk felt the new chipmunk was trying to barge in on its territory! I’m honestly tempted to do the experiment again, but I’m also worried that another chipmunk might get hurt. Sadly, I also know that there isn’t enough food for all the squirrels and chipmunks to survive the winter. I hope I can find some of the places these chipmunks are residing in, as I’d like to help the cute little critters out in making it through the cold front that will be headed our way.


4 thoughts on “Intriguing Creatures

  1. if you put out cotton balls the chipmunks might use them to line their dens. We used to leave cotton balls outside the back porch and our chippers would take the balls home with them. When I was digging the side garden to prepare for planting my veggies, I dug into a den that was completely lined with cotton!

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