Impossible Dreams

Suze’s husband George gave me a idea for a post, “one dream that you can never see coming true”, and I’ve been pondering on this for some time now. Main reason I’ve not posted any Special Requests lately, to be honest. Reason being is that there are a few dreams that I’ve had that I honestly can never see coming true. To be quite frank, I feel sort of like Martin Luther King Jr, writing this right now. He had such inspirational dreams that he never really got to see become a reality. Even in this day and age, his dreams haven’t truly come to fruition. The key differences between him and I though is that I am for the most part alone in my dreams. Unlike him, I cannot rally thousands of people to unify against a common enemy.


I have a dream of true entrepreneurship, where businesses can be created from nothing other than a wonderful and amazing idea. I have a dream of companies building in America without the fear of excessive taxation. My dream also formulates around the ideology that companies wouldn’t be able to make donations to presidential or committee campaigns. The only donations a company could make would be those that would go to help hospitals pay for supplies needed for the sick, help cover the costs of food and electric found shelters and animal clinics. Most importantly though, they could make donations to S.T.E.M research facilities, to help advance our knowledge and create cures for things that plague the common people at low cost to those in need.


I have a dream of honest open public relations between the White House, Senate, Chambers of Commerce, and the American people. Where our politicians actually pay attention to the needs of the people, they strive to work towards a better America every day. They handle things with diplomatic means, not firepower and accusations. I dream of campaigns ran by people not with deep pockets filled with millions, but by people who truly have a platform worth listening to. No race baiting, no vile hate filled words spat at one another, no defamation of character. Just a real honest to goodness debate about the issues that face Americans, so we can truly decide who the right candidate is to run our country.


I have a dream that people could be open and honest with one another without someone screaming, “RACIST” or “PIG” or “MISOGYNIST”, because it would be known that what was said was said with the most brutal and utmost honesty. I dream of a day and age where we can communicate with one another without misunderstandings, where our words that we speak are truly what we mean. Instead of getting offended and screaming, “SAFE SPACE”, we could have open and honest debates about topics so that others could see another point of view without getting their feelings hurt. Let me tell you honey, you’re not a special snowflake. Your feelings are bound to get hurt and the only one who cares is you.


I dream of an age where families can actually choose whether or not one stays home and raises the family instead of both parents being forced to work. Where mother and father work together to build the family unit and can happily coexist on one income without fear of whether or not they’ll have food on the table long enough to last until their next check. I dream of a world where if mothers want to take care of the children at home, she can do so without snark and snide remarks. Where a man can work and not be looked poorly at because his wife takes care of the children. Or even the other way around! There are men out in the world who would give anything to be able to spend time with their children but can’t because of their job, while there are women who need to work because without something to do they go insane!


I dream of a time when we can truly say we are at peace with the world, war is a thing of the past. Where I can have a chat with someone without having my lack of faith constantly thrown in my face as if it were something to be ashamed of. A time when those of different religious beliefs aren’t persecuted for believing a different bible is correct. I’d love to see a time when all people cherish the life they’ve been given and refuse to start conflict with each other. Should conflict arise, I’d like to see a quick and fast speedy resolution that doesn’t involve violence.


Sadly, I know my dream will never come true. It is but only a dream, an impossible wish. This doesn’t even encompass all my dreams, but I hope that it gives you a little bit of perspective.

8 thoughts on “Impossible Dreams

    • I am honestly tempted to do the exact same thing… Build a giant house in the middle of the woods and make it completely self sustaining with a composting area, water creation well, and solar panels so I never have to deal with the outside world. Aside from standard bills and food of course, since I don’t know how to skin an animal so it is edible.

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      • I can skin a critter. You’d be amazed at the stuff learned who;e Homeless! I wish your dream would come true..even a little bit of it coming true would be a huge and welcome change to life in this country. George read your post and quietly went off to be by himself for a bit. He came back, and with tears in his eyes said “We wanted to make Shay’s world better so she wouldn’t have to worry about all that stuff, Suze. Why did it all fall apart? It started out so well. Now look at it, the country is awful and her kids aren’t even going to see a better place. That sucks” I don’t have an answer for him. We did try to make it better. Here’s hoping the next generation gets it right.

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        • I appreciate all that your husband and you did in the attempts to make the world a better place, trust me the hard work you both did was not in vain. Just as Martin Luther King Jr didn’t die in vain. His dream of prosperity and equality still lives on, maybe not in the hearts of all, but at least in the hearts of some.

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      • Ya we are not completely self sustaining, we are working on that part. We are trying to make the world a bit better in the only way we know how… by bringing people up here so they can see this beauty. I think if more people see it then more people would be serene and at peace with themselves, more appreciative of the earth they live on…. and maybe more at peace with their surroundings? I don’t know… just dreaming.

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