Millions Of Spikes

So I’ve been staring at the word, pondering the word, and trying to think on the topic of today’s “Daily Prompt”. Dear person who came up with today’s prompt… Please jump off a bridge onto millions of spikes… I haven’t anything to really say about the prompt aside from I don’t have millions of anything. Quite literally, as I’m a minimalist. I don’t think I know of anyone who has millions of anything either and if I do, it comes as a surprise to me! 


I know I have hundreds of thoughts in my head, but I highly doubt they’d total into the millions. I’ve a hundred or so followers, but again, no where near millions. I’m not even quite sure I’ve said anything millions of times. I have phrases and words that are especially useful that I say and write frequently, but no where near in the millions range. I’m already bored of writing about the word millions, as the only constructive thing I can think to say is that there are millions upon millions, perhaps even billions of people in the world. I really honestly haven’t a clue as to the world’s population, but it’s the closest I can come to a real topic for today’s prompt!


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