A Little Bit Of Sainthood

I’ve always wanted to volunteer, not for any self-satisfaction, but for the fact that it would be an opportunity to help others. I personally haven’t accomplished a whole lot in life, in fact the only accomplishments I have are that I’m raising two brilliant little girls. I gave birth to a boy who, till the day I die, I’ll love with all my heart no matter what. Somehow, against all odds, I’ve got a saint of a mother and a wonderful aunt who both gave me more than I ever deserved. More amazingly enough, I found a man who accepts me for who I am and loves me regardless of my flaws.


But I’m not a pillar in my community. Almost no one in my area knows my name, and my days are spent toiling around taking care of my home and family. I’ve written pieces that most will never read, that will do absolutely no good to the world because I’m not a major name.


There is however someone here in our blogging community who is an amazing person, someone who has truly done something amazing with their life. Suze and her husband George have done so much for others, given and sweat for others instead of themselves. They’ve shared love and warmth with people that they didn’t know, helped other countries through volunteer work and been to places I cannot even fathom. They deserve recognition for their amazing works they’ve done, and I am so privileged to of gotten to know Suze. Her best friend Angie is also a saint, a kind hearted woman who opened up her home when her friend was in need. 


These three individuals have made an extremely massive impact on my life, even in the short time I’ve known them. So I would like it very much if all my readers would give Suze‘s blog a look see. There’s links in this post to her page and I also have links to the left of my blog that lead to hers. She has amazing stories of the work she has done, though a lot of her posts will probably make you laugh. It’s something we could all use every day.


5 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Sainthood

  1. oh wow Shay……I teared up when I read this………so did George. That’s two for two with him! lol Volunteering is the one thing I am so grateful I have been able to do. It takes the focus off of me and becomes about everyone else. Thanks for the shout out and the praise. I really don’t deserve it ya know, but am grateful all the same.

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