Age of Transformation

The world has a way of transforming before our very eyes. With each new generation, we see new things being developed, alterations in the growth of the brain and technological advances. With these advancements comes a transformation that no one ever saw coming. The age of technology has begun destroying everything that we once held dear to us. The things that used to make life so great are dwindling into nothingness, as we watch the electronic age take over. The core foundations of our culture has become so different from what it once was, where family once was all that mattered to a time when technology took over.


Not to say that technology hasn’t made wonderful changes in the lives of others, such as advances in science that has led to cures for diseases. It has lead to the age of untapped knowledge at the world’s fingertips. It has lead to treatments for diseases that no one ever imagined treatments for, as well as vaccines to protect against infection of diseases. Without the advances of technology and science, the transformation of medical practices, our world would probably not have survived. Due to the transformation that have happened within S.T.E.M fields, we now have an age of health and well being. 


Sadly, with the advancements that have been made, we have not been wise with what we do with it. People use games and phones and tablets as baby sitters, television and gaming systems have become a platform for educating children instead of parents sitting down and taking the time to parent. Teachers do their best to take these distractions away, but even science is trying to say that these distractions help the children learn. Technology should not be what is at the forefront of any persons mind when it comes to the education of children. An educational application here and there isn’t bad, but to sit a child with a gaming system or tablet or phone for extended hours on end with the hopes that your child will learn from it. That is where we fall. We are counting on what we created to teach the coming generations, instead of taking the time to sit down and talk it out with them ourselves.


I see parents leave their children for hours alone in their room with xbox, playstation, ipads and the likes. They claim they’re teaching their child, but they’re not. To truly educate a child, it requires participation from a secondary party. It takes a parent to teach a child how to work together as a team, it takes a parent to teach a child moral fiber. Too many people are busy with their social media fix that they don’t bother to see what is happening to the younger generation, they’ve been transformed into these technojunkies that can’t be dragged away from their oh so adored pieces of technology that connect them with the world in ways no one ever imagined.


It is high time we took mealtime and family time back. Put away the electronics and spend some quality time together. Technology isn’t a necessity, it is a privilege.

5 thoughts on “Age of Transformation

  1. I see the 13 year old next door every day walking by with her head down……looking into her phone. It’s ridiculous. This lovely energetic child has started to turn into a zombie that never looks up at the world. Thank goodness she visits here daily and I make her put down the phone and DO things. Like help me paint..or sew..or cook. At least she gets some diversion from the electronics. I worry about her friends though..and other kids I see wandering around without a clue what is happening outside of their phones.

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    • That is where my issue with this age of technology lays. There are so many kids with bright potential being wiped out by the existence of technology that takes away from the beauty of the world. It takes the inspiration and ideology of imagination away.

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