Shut Your Trap


Okay, so I’m going to do my best not to swear but I’m not making any promises with today’s prompt being “smoke” because bloody heck does it T me off when people jump my case for being a smoker.


I’ve been a smoker for probably longer than most people would think, considering I’m only 27 years old. I’ve been smoking since I was a kid, my sister got me started on it one day when she talked me into skipping school. Was it the smartest move? No, it definitely wasn’t. In fact I did my best to hide it from my mom until I finally was having such a fit for a cigarette that I couldn’t hide it anymore.


All these people that think quitting is so easy obviously don’t know what it’s like to be addicted. I don’t have many vices, but I do have a few. Mainly cigarettes and coffee, which surprisingly go hand in hand for many people. Even when I was a runaway it was easy for me to get my hands on a pack of cigarettes. Heck of a lot easier than it was to get food in my stomach, which I think is what really forged my long term addiction into it. 


What irks me the most is when people try to tell me “It’s so easy to quit, you just have to want it.” No, it isn’t. Get off your imaginary unicorn and rejoin reality, please. They say the first seven days are the hardest, while that may be true for some people, it isn’t true for me. The first month is sheer agony. I have become violent, to which I don’t mean verbally violent but truly violent. 


I’m just going to end this before I start dropping bombs, but maybe think about the struggle people are going through before opening your yap trap and telling people they need to quit smoking. Seriously.

10 thoughts on “Shut Your Trap

  1. “Get off your imaginary unicorn and rejoin reality, please” Oh I am so stealing this phrase! It will come in so blessed handy when dealing with maroons and other obnoxious peoples. lol. you got it right kid. It isn’t easy to quit. For the truly addicted it is a painful, horrible, mind-blowing experience and harder to stop than any other drug. I should know. I spent donkey years as an addictions counselor…and yep, I too still smoke. .

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  2. Hehe, this made me laugh. Especially “Get off your imaginary unicorn and rejoin reality, please.” Too good. I don’t smoke so I can’t share in on quitting. Well, I did smoke, I started when I was 11 for a while but I don’t even remember quitting….. it feels like a lifetime ago.
    My big problem which I can not quit is nailbiting :). Everyone has something.

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  3. Totally get you! I am an “ex” smoker. Oh don’t worry- I am not that high-horse “I quit yay me” gal. I cling to my electronic cigarette like a pacifier, I assure you. It may have no nicotine but honey, that makes no difference to my strange addiction to this vapor puffing gadget! I LIKED being a smoker. Well, I liked the social and physical aspects of smoking. I miss them too. Honestly I quit because my husband I made a pact to quit (he loved his cigarettes too) mostly because we couldn’t breathe while working out. And my fat butt wanted to lose weight BAD. Hahahaha! Have a smoke for me!

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  4. yup, my traps r absolutely shut. But then again, I’ve been there or is it here. I strongly believe that the ones on the unicorns have either never smoked to addiction or they may be smoking secretly behind closed bathroom doors with no smoke-detectors.

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