Burning Bridges

I love the collaborative effects of the two words “burn” and “bridge“, especially when combined together to become burning bridges. I’m excellent at burning them, in fact I have been told I demolish them with style. Often times I find that telling the truth, being honest with people, is the fastest way to make a bridge between yourself and another person disappear. It really is a beautiful thing, it helps you to see through the fog of what society wishes for you to blindly accept.


I am a firm believer in the idea that any bridge so easily burned by the truth was never a bridge that was meant to be. If a bridge manages to remain after having embers flicker and lick along its arches, tantalizingly and wickedly creeping along the wooden edges, then perhaps they are worth the time of day. The idea of having to lie in order to keep people around astonishes and amuses me. I refuse to lie to keep someone close to me, if they cannot handle the truth of the situation then they have no business being around me.


I rather burn a dozen bridges than have flimsy timber go to waste.

12 thoughts on “Burning Bridges

  1. I like burning bridges almost as much as I like my first cup of coffee in the morning…..almost as much as wandering down a sun-lit beach letting my feet get wet and finding shells……I am an excellent bridge burner and can light one up in less than four words when the mood strikes me.

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