Dressing Proper

To be frank, I am so tired of people trying to be copycat the fasion styling of the morally apprehensible. We have people trying to dress like singers who have no right being popular! Their vocal stylings are lacking, their vocabulary is somewhere between an idiot and a person who can’t stop swearing endlessly. Not to mention the absolute lack of decorum when going on stage. Take for instance little miss wrecking ball, AKA Miley Cyrus.


If I were her mother, I would be too ashamed to step out in the day light. I know for certain my husband would lock the girl up in a closet and not let her out until she promised to behave more like a lady. I cannot understand what makes that child think she has to run around nude just to get some attention. It breaks my heart seeing the youth of the new generation trying to act like her. The absolute lack of creativity in making their own style, being a copycat of something that isn’t even worth it.


I worry that the new generations of girls will grow up without an idea of what it is like to strive for greatness, because they will be too busy striving to thrust their bossoms in the faces of others as if it were something to be proud of. I get that people change and styles will along with them, that each generation will have its own “unique style”, but can’t we humans come up with something less grotesque? Are the fashions of the past not worthy of being drawn from to create one’s own unique trend? 


We shouldn’t make a mockery of fashion, of the virtue and value of ourselves. Instead we should strive to be better than the Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus’ of the world. Be a class act and be stunning while doing so! Be unique and cultured while maintaining some semblance of self respect and dignity.

4 thoughts on “Dressing Proper

  1. damn straight! My grand daughter wears fairly modest clothing..nothing too tight or revealing. She has class and her friends comment on it..a lot! One girl recently said she wished her parents gave a s*** about what she wore, like Braalie’s do. Made me think that the kids don’t necessarily LIKE the fashions.they like the attention. And if their parents actually tried GIVING THEM SOME, they wouldn’t dress like street walkers!

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