Sweet Adorable Costumes

There isn’t much in the world that is as rewarding, fun, and exciting as spending time with my girls. We recently started trying to do some homeschooling papers at home after we finish breakfast, so far neither of them have done very well but it is the first time they’ve ever held a pencil in their hands. This would be due to the fact that they have a bad habit of trying to eat crayons and such, so I was worried about the outcome of them trying to eat their pencils. Thankfully, I found some amazing little pencils for first time writers, geared towards children!


Now, granted all they’ve done so far is scribble on some paper, I think Marie is really starting to get excited about it. She actually tried to trace the letter b on her paper today, and I’m highly impressed! I’m so proud of her, and she even found all the letter B’s on the paper! We counted all ten of them together and she was positively beaming with joy. It brought a bright smile to my face, seeing her so excited and happy about learning.


I recall I had promised pictures of the girls from their Halloween costumes, I didn’t manage to get too many because I ended up carrying Celeste. Thankfully though, I did manage to get a few. I can say without a doubt, in positive sincere adoration, I am so grateful to the woman who made my girls’ costumes and my nieces as well! Without further a do, the sweet little dears in their costumes, courtesy of Lisas Tutu Cute Boutique !!!


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