About Darn Time

After having my news feed flooded for the past couple years with patriotic drivel and obnoxious “He is the devil” “She is the devil” propaganda, today finally settles the score and shuts everyone up. Of course most of the American population isn’t going to vote their conscience but what they think is the lesser of two evils in the hopes that one of the devilish henchmen will win. I am absolutely over this entire election season, considering we have two piles of feces to choose from. Finding myself rather peturbed by this whole thing to be frank!


I have started several posts and dismissed them due to the dismal state that this election has put me in. We don’t really have a single candidate that upholds even half my hopes and dreams for this country. Instead we have a whackjob, an imbecile, a complete boob, a charlatan, and the village idiot. I know there is another party running but I don’t know anything about the person running. In fact I’ve only seen rumor of a sixth person on the ballot and not seen any actual details or information about their platform. 


Most of America as we know it is voting with its stupid half, the half that lacks a conscience and properly developed and functioning gray matter between their ears. My disappointment at the perpetuation of a two party system is beyond that of the comprehension of even the wisest of minds. Thankfully this election cycle and all the bile that has come with it will finally be over after today, those who vote will probably complain and whine over the results as those who voted for whoever wins will gloat for the next few weeks to the next couple months. Then there are those who aren’t going to vote or will be voting third party with the hope that they will finally get their party on the ticket for next round.


I anxiously await the end to this fued causing obnoxious thorn in my side. I hope everyone put deep consideration into their pick so they have no second thoughts on who they ought to pick.


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