What A Pal

So Suze and I share a friend, recently she had surgery done and I’d been feeling dreadful for not calling and checking in on her. Sure, I had Suze’s posts to look forward to and she has been doing her best to update everybody and all that. I just felt like a terrible friend for not calling sooner! Problem was, I’d reset my phone some couple months ago and lost my contact numbers. I thought I’d saved them to my SD card, but sadly, I’d saved them to my phone like a dunder head. That was my bad. Amazingly enough, Suze, as always, came through! I’d already fallen asleep by the time she messaged me because I took a dose of nyquil due to feeling sick, but when I woke up, I was happy as can be that there on my phone was Angie’s number! 


Excited and ready for the day, I got up got the kids, seated them for breakfast and dialed Angie without a second thought! I didn’t even bother with primping myself as often I do in the morning, I was just too ecstatic! As I realized I didn’t have my cigarettes on me, still listening to the dial tone, I dashed up the stairs to grab my pack so I could dart outside. I’d even forgotten about my coffee! Mid-way into my room, she answers. “Hello?” Uh oh, here I was, in my bedroom with my sleeping husband trying to snag the cigarettes and she answered! Bahaha just my luck. Quietly, “Hey Angie!” Silence for a moment, “Hello??” I could hear that she’d not heard me, so I grabbed the cigarettes and made a mad dash for the stairs!


Halfway down the stairs, “Hello???” “Hey, Angie!” “Oh, hello!” “It’s me, Shay!” “Hiya Shay.” Amidst some babbling cute toddler sounds, we chatted while I fixed my coffee and set out for the front porch to talk. The first and most pressing thing on my mind was how she was doing, to which she informed me she was in pain but recovering. Fweh, thank goodness. Not about the pain, obviously, but the recovering part. Then we blathered on about how I would of called sooner but I’d been a dunder head and not properly saved her phone number, how the kids were doing and I promised to send her photos. I plan to harass her later tonight too, but boy that lady is so sweet. I’ve found two of the best gal pals a gal could hope for in Suze and Angie. Just talking to them seems to brighten my days and give me hope for a better tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “What A Pal

  1. awwwwwwwwww, yer NOT a dunderhead! I am absolutely amazed I could figure out how to open my phone contacts thingy on this dad-blasted cell phone and find the right number to give you! Angie is doing fantastic! home tonight……..where she will find a clean house and all Garry’s crap on his side of the bed instead of hers! lol Yes, Suze has a key to the house! muwhahaha

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